Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tough Love is Still Love

Moving right along, right?  Tuesday I went to the gym after work and started with a run outside.  I ran for 25 minutes, taking it sort of easy but pushing myself enough that I felt like I was working.  No Garmin, just free and easy running.  I got back to the gym feeling ready for my strength routine, chest/triceps/core.  I started in on pushups and body felt so heavy, like I had the body of a lumberjack.  For whatever reason a lot of my exercises were harder than usual.  I whined to myself for a moment or two and then dug in my heels and fought the good fight, getting all my stuff done before a nice stretch.

Unfortunately Tuesday night after the kids were in bed I started munching on some Pirate Booty (if you don't have kids you might not be familiar with this stuff), basically glorified cheese puffs, "baked rice and corn puffs."  We'd had a bunch leftover from Marek's birthday party and I was so glad when we finally ran out (so I could stop munching on it).  And then Miguel took the kids to Costco to get some stuff and came home with a fresh bag.  Ugh.  Anyway, I sat watching bad TV and eating it like a bottomless bucket of popcorn.  No wonder the scale is up, it's not rocket science, I'm taking in more calories than I need.  I plan to watch things for a bit and if I hit 145 the alarms will go off and I'll start tracking again whether I like it or not.  Tough love is better than no love.

Wednesday was a rest day from the gym and I really needed it!  After the 10k and then two gym days I was ready to let my muscles take a break.  I had a work training so I wasn't home as is usually the case.  The weather was so nice, it was hard to be indoors.

Today I hit the gym after work. I started with a 25 minute ride on the upright bike.  Triathlete guy was there again so he kept me distracted by telling me about a 50 mile ride he did over the weekend, part of the Sea Otter Classic.  He turned it into a getaway weekend with his wife, which is a fun way to do an out of town race event.  And I got to talk about my 10k.  I like race talk and the time just flies by.  After the bike I did legs/shoulders/core.  I pushed things a bit on the core work and now my lower back is sore.

Ok, that's all I got.  I'm off to get some much needed rest.

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