Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Time and a Place

It's working! I realized that I was avoiding a hard-line approach because I've put so much work into moving away from a hard-line approach. Balance, moderation, Intuitive Eating, eating activity points and weekly points (when I was tracking) are all about learning how to indulge while still maintaining a healthy diet overall. I really have made a ton of progress in this area, so much so that I believe I was viewing a "strict" diet as a step backward. But I really needed it. The bad habits that had snuck back into my life, that I let back into my life, they weren't going away without some equally bad(ass) push back.  So here I am, pushing back.

Stop!  That's what I'm telling my cravings. I'm going to conquer my cravings (at least for the time being, I'm not saying cravings are always bad and to never give in to them).  I'm in full thought-assault mode and it's going great so far.  I am on Day 2 of my 7 day realigning.  I took a couple steps yesterday that I'd like to share.

First, from yesterday's post:
#4.  Drawing a line.  This is a tough one.  I'm generally opposed to extreme behaviors, to extreme "diets" but I think I need to go cold turkey on the junk for at least a week to break the bad habit.  Not sure exactly what this will look like but I think I'm just going to eat my 3 meals and my 2 snacks per day - all healthy ones - and avoid all the rest.  I'm going to write this commitment on a piece of paper and read it every day.
As I sat down to write out my commitment I had the desire to start with the reasons I want to make this commitment.  I've written down my reasons for wanting to lose weight many times but I have yet to write down the reasons I want to maintain my weight loss.  Without much thought I made a list of whatever popped into my head.

Looking at this list the only thing that I'd love to edit is #5.  It's "possible" to wear cute clothes even if I didn't maintain my weight, I think the difference is in how I feel in those cute clothes.

So, after making this list it was on to the line drawing.  Again, I wrote without taking much time to think about it.  Put pen to paper and go!

Whew.  Just reading this back is almost emotional.  This is MY line.  I am drawing it.  For me.  Ooh ra!  I drew the line and then decided to put the days/dates above/below it. 

So, after my line drawing I tackled the doughnuts.  What doughnuts you might ask?  When my mom came over on Friday she brought a dozen Krispy Kremes with her.  Of course I ate one two three of them in short order.  There were 2.5 doughnuts left in the house.  The kids had said they wanted them with breakfast on Saturday but they'd had breakfast and seemed to have forgotten about them.  Why was I holding on to them?  I decided to put them in my favorite spot for garbage food - the garbage disposal.

#7 on my list yesterday was to clean up the house food.  Doughnuts have no place in my house right now.  Buh bye.

So I'm on to Day 2 of my 7 day realignment.  My back/neck is still tweaked so despite the strong urge I have to go for a run or the gym or something I am holding back.  I don't want to make matters worse.  I am reminding myself that even Olympians sometimes have to give their body a break.  That when I can, I will get back to exercise and find my way back to enjoying those badass workouts I so enjoy.  But for now, I am going badass on the food.

Can you feel the energy?  Is my drive jumping off your computer screen and smacking you in the head?  I hope so...get moving people, we have work to do!


  1. Good luck on your realignment. You've got this!

    Thank you for your paragraph about taking the rest...I needed to hear that. I am being forced to dial back and I've been not only chomping at the bit,but feeling guilty about it! Your words helped!

  2. Michelle -- I just found your blog a few weeks ago and am so inspired by you...Keep doing what you do so well, girl! I particularly like your note today, "I stumbled, but I am still standing". I may have to borrow that line the next time I am struggling. You rock.

  3. Your transparency is what makes you seem so real. You post the good, the bad, the ugly - the ups and the downs. Congratulations on making the day count!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Not sure why you deleted your comment, I loved it. "This journey we are all on is A. Never ending and B. Always changing. Our approach needs to be always changing as well. You my friend Rock and I KNOW that you will figure it out. One problem.... at a time. And we your faithful followers are the lucky ones who get to learn from you. Thank you."

    2. lol well I finally figured out how to post on your blog (I had to start a google account) but then I saw that my first AND last name came up and I was a little uncomfortable about that so I deleted it and my name still stayed! lolol So how did that work for you Colleen? lolol

  5. Way to go on drawing the line and holding strong! I too am against extreme diets and absolute rules because they often lead to failure; however, I too sometimes have to set extreme rules to get back on track. It is funny your mentioned your mom and donuts in this post. Just this weekend, my mom mentioned donuts from our local bakery and I gave her the "look" and she said, "I know you don't want them here." You may have to set some of those boundaries too.

  6. Drawing the line, that's something each of us should take into consideration while on this journey. Whenever I'm in a sucky mood, your blog brings me back to life and I remember that I have to continue to push harder.


  7. DONUTS?!?!? Aaaack!!! Swim away SWIM AWAY!!! But seriously, way to go!

  8. In a way, I am in the same place you have been, except I still have a long way to go with the losing process. I ready to get to work, right along with you! Keep up the good work!

  9. Emilly
    Drawing the line, that's something each of us should take into consideration while on this journey. Whenever I'm in a sucky mood, your blog brings me back to life and I remember that I have to continue to push harder and also visit this link


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