Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Blues, I Got 'Em

So now I have a cold.  Blech.  The combination of not exercising and having a cold has turned me into a grumpy girl.  I've accepted that it's going to be a full week before I can get back to it.  On top of that I'm going to the dermatologist today and will look a bit freaky for a week or so while my skin recovers from the work she's doing.  It feels like since getting pneumonia it's been one thing or another that's kept me from my "normal routine."  I can't stand whining, even when it's me doing the whining, so I'm going to make this short.

I do have one positive thing to share, on Monday I resisted these:

I will check back in when I'm in a better headspace.

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  1. Boo for blue days - perhaps you need more immune-boosting foods and pre/pro-biotics (capsules not just what is in yoghurt) at the moment with your super-busy lifestyle...congrats on resisting those donuts! I am still in awe I walked past the bulk bin of dark chocolate coated alonds last night :) Gotta give yourself credit where you can - i hope things are sunnier soon for you.


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