Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to Work

Get it?  "Back" to work.  Wink. 

Today is the 4th day of what I'm now calling my 7 day realignment.  I can't tell you how much better I feel about everything.  One of the lines of faulty thinking I fall into when I'm off the wagon (or on shaky ground) is that "dieting" is so hard, it's so much work.  But I forget that it comes with an incredible payoff - feeling good.  I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it.  So true.  But it *does* get easy too.  The early days/weeks/months can be a challenge, depending on where you are in your journey, but it gets easier over time, as new habits are established and eventually become second nature.

A good example are vending machines.  I made a firm breakup with vending machines years ago.  For a time they tried getting back together, calling out to me as I had that random vending machine encounter.  Now I hardly notice them and when I do, my response is often indifference.  They aren't really a part of my world anymore.  If I happen to be hungry or cravy then I might take more notice but the automatic response of, "I don't eat from vending machines" pops into my head.  No fight, no big resisting, it's easy.  And experiences like that build up over time. 

By the way, I'm loving that word I just invented - cravy.  I love how it describes the feeling of craving food (as opposed to hunger, right?) but also that it sounds a bit like crazy.  And gravy.   Ahem, back on topic.

So to pick up where I left on Sunday.  Yesterday was good. I had a pep in my step that I know was about being back on track.  I started the day with a physical therapy appointment.  The PT (Kate) basically said that while I have a strong core, there are some tiny stabilizing muscles in my back that are relatively weak.  They need some attention.  So I have to cut way back on the core exercises and do the exercises she gives me to build those up.  Six months ago I would have been irritated by this but now, I'm ready.  I get that my body needs what it needs and that it's foolish to force it to do other things while creating or exacerbating injuries in the process.

Kate said it was fine to run and do all my other exercises (except back extensions) while rehabbing my back/core, "just don't increase over what you're doing now."  Welllll...that will work for a couple weeks but, well, I won't try to predict the future.  I'm going to PT twice a week for a month.  My neck/upper back is still all tweaked from whatever I pulled on Saturday morning.  But I felt good enough to at least enter my gym and start with reestablishing that habit.

So I went after work and started with 10 minutes on the upright bike.  I decided to go ahead and ride at Level 8.  I've been doing Level 5 lately and there's good reason to stick with that for now, sort of a rehab level, but darnit, I'm feeling like I want to push somehow and the bike seems like a safe place to do that.  So I rode for 10 minutes and it was challenging but not painfully so.  Then I ran for 5 minutes, 4 minutes at 6.5mph and 1 minute at 7.5mph.  Whew!  That was not easy. 

Then I did weight training.  I decided to do a light full body workout.  I chose a few exercises from each of my three routines and did those.  I skipped all my old core exercises and did the ones she taught me, which quite honestly feel like "baby" exercises, but I'm doing as I'm told.  I want to be strong and able again.  Throughout my routine I kept having all these negative thoughts creep in....

You've lost so much strength.
You'll never get back to where you were (i.e. 25% body fat and STRONG).
This is going to take forever.

But I challenged each thought with something positive and...how should I put this...SANE.

I'm still quite strong and still have visible muscles.
I will get back to where I was.
It will take as long as it takes, and part of the fun will be in the journey back.

A lot of self talk going on in that gym.  It's amazing how a small slip backwards can make you feel like you toppled off a mountain top and have to climb back up.  No, I slipped a few feet down sure, but I'm not back at base camp.

Food wise things are going great.  Wait...I need to say that again because it's been so long.  Food wise, things are going great!  I like the sound of that.  Can I get an Amen!  I'm eating just as I planned, 3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks per day.  I've been posting some of my meals on my FB page and will share those here too...

Lunch yesterday: Chicken, avocado, tomato sandwich on Alvarado bakery flax seed bread with watermelon. Yum!  
Dinner last night:  Rice, red beans, avocado, Pico de gallo and a bowl of Trader Joe's Latin style black bean soup.
I'm not tracking or following any specific calorie guide, food list, etc.  I'm focusing on whole foods and eating what I know are healthy, balanced meals and snacks.  Last night after dinner was the first time since starting this realignment that I felt some internal pressure to snack.  I felt a tiny bit of hunger and almost used that as a reason to eat (it doesn't get much better than actual hunger as a reason to eat) but decided in the end I'd rather stick with my plan for these 7 days and keep a clean break from after dinner snacking.  I know my resistance muscle isn't strong enough to re-introduce the evening snack just yet. 

As far as snacks go, I've gotten much better about remembering to pack a healthy snack, what WW are calling "routines".  Today I have a banana and some greek yogurt (which I'm going to eat in just a minute) and a string cheese and apple for this afternoon. 

So I planned to exercise today too but I woke up with neck pain in the middle of the night and am quite stiff this morning so we'll see.  I have decided to go to the gym regardless, to keep that habit going, and will walk on the treadmill and read a magazine.  I need to go easy on the body or I'll be too disabled to run the 4th of July run coming up on Thursday.  My legs and glutes are also a tad sore from yesterdays squats and lunges so they need some rest too.  So my current plan is to run on the 4th and then...well, I have to take things as they come right now.


  1. Yes! So glad to hear you've reacquainted yourself with the "loving the journey" Michelle! Michelle, meet Michelle. As you said, you're not starting completely over,you just slipped a little. I hope the PT works fast. Enjoy the run on the fourth xo

  2. mmm, nice colourful plates of food, looks yummy!! I'm glad your mojo is back!

  3. You asked for it, so here it comes..."AMEN!"

  4. So glad you are feeling better and getting back on track!

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  6. I am in that place of needing to get back on track too -- thanks for being honest about when you are struggling.

  7. Hi, Your story is very inspiring! I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years as a weight loss specialist. Its great to see you and your readers taking positive steps toward a healthy body and life. Please feel free to check out my site for fitness ideas and please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions along the way.


    take care ,


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