Wednesday, September 25, 2013

4 More Taper Days...and I paid $25 for what?!

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I've made an executive decision. I get to make those when it comes to the food I put in my body. I will put my evening snacking plan on hiatus until after the triathlon. See, starting tomorrow I'm going to be carb loading. Carb loading for an event at which I will be swimming, biking or running for somewhere around 3 hours straight! I think that warrants a little evening snacking, right? Maybe this is just a lame excuse but if it is, it's certainly a good lame excuse. If you're not with me on this one, well, just hold your tongue until after the tri :)

Ok, so on to today. Yesterday I wrote, "Tomorrow is my day home with the kids. I think I can sneak out for a run while my mom is over. That should perk up my mood some." Aaaand, I was right on both accounts. I was able to sneak out for a run, and it did perk up my mood. I had the morning home with the kids and did some cooking. I baked banana bread with some ailing bananas, put some chili in the slow cooker and prepped corn muffins.

I had some private practice work in the afternoon and when that was done I changed into my running clothes, not unlike Clark Kent, and went for a nice 30 minute run. I'm running and thinking, "why have I avoided this for 2 days? Sure, it's not easy but I already feel so much better about myself." And bam! My grumpy mood was gone.

I was able to make it to the Weight Watchers monthly Lifetimer's meeting tonight. Man that meeting reminds me of 12-step meetings. I've never participated in 12-step meetings but in my line of work I've gone to more than a few and have a good sense of what they're about. I feel like we should start our introduction with, "Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm a food junkie. I've been at goal for 10 months." And then everyone should say, "Hi Michelle." Right? Aaaanyway...

The meeting was great! There's just nothing like the experience of being in a group of people who are in the same place as you. I get the same feeling from the regular WW meetings too, but this one is even more familiar. The issues of maintainers are just slightly different than when you're still losing and moving toward your goal weight. This is the second time I've been able to go to this meeting and I really enjoy it.

Ok, last thing... You might remember that I entered the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon lottery after volunteering at the event last year and that I didn't get selected. So today on Facebook they posted that the lottery is closing on Friday. I can't believe I completely forgot about the regular lottery. But here's a kicker. They are charging $25 just to enter the lottery. If you get selected, they put the money toward your registration fees. But if you don't you lose the money. Lame! I entered this time but if I don't get in, I'm not sure I'll do it again. I think I'll just take my chances with the free volunteer entry.

But...what if I do get in?! Scary! But I know I'd just do what I do... train for the event and by the time it comes around I'll be ready to get the job done. Ok, so if you're interested, here's the explanation for the $25 many ways can they tell you, "No, you are not getting the $25 back." They should have included, "What if I enter the lottery and die before the drawing, can my family have the $25 back?"
Why am I being charged $25 to enter the (Escape from Alcatraz triathlon) lottery? 
In recent years, we have noticed more and more people entering our lottery that are more interested in saying they entered than actually doing the race. For example, last year in 2013, only 60% of those selected in the first round actually accepted their lottery win.  This means that upwards of 600 people were accepted in the first round of the lottery and decided not to accept. We know that special circumstances keep some from being able to accept the lottery win but we feel 40% is a high percentage.  And it hurts those who really want in and are not accepted because 600 people entered for the sake of entering and not to actually participate.
So, we debated and decided charging a small fee would hopefully deter those who do not have a serious interest in participating in this race. Not everyone is going to agree with this new plan and we know we’ll have an inbox full of emails but we’re going to try it out and see if we can get our acceptance ratio up for the lottery.

Please note, we only allow ONE lottery entry per person. Any duplicate lottery entries will be deleted and we will NOT refund the lottery fee for duplicate entries.

If I am not selected in the lottery, does this fee apply to next year?
No, if you are not selected, you lose this money.

If I am selected but decide not to accept the lottery win, can I get my money back or apply it to next year?
No, if you are selected but do not accept the lottery win, you lose this money.

If I am selected but miss the race registration deadline, can I get my money back or apply it to next year?
No, if you are selected and do not register before the deadline, you lose this money.

If I am not selected but get into the race another way (qualify, Escape Academy, charity entry, etc), can I apply this to my registration fees?
No, if you are not selected in the lottery, you lose this money.
Hey, they should waive the $25 for volunteers. I mean, I know we get the special volunteer lottery but still, we shouldn't have to pay. I'm going to suggest they implement that next year. By the way, if you're curious about getting your money back if you die, the answer is No.

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  1. I think your plan to tackle the evening snacking issue after the triathlon is a good one! I'm with you...I am up a 3 lbs. since I started marathon training many months ago (actually, it was 7 at one point but then I realized that yes, you really can eat too many carbs!), and while I would love to shed those lbs. as soon as possible, I know I'll be needing to carb load next week for the big day and it's really rather pointless at the moment. So, I'm going to look at my marathon recovery period as a mind and body recovery time, where I choose clean, healthy foods to refuel and repair my muscles, and learn to eat like a shorter distance runner again : ) Best of luck with your tri!

    1. Thanks Steph and best of luck to you on your marathon! Remember, you'll be pre-hydrating too and that, coupled with the carb loading and the water your body will retain as a result of that...the scale will inch up. I'm probably telling myself that just as much as I'm telling you :)

    2. Thanks for the reminder! I have noticed that after my long training runs I'm usually up a pound or two for a couple days afterwards, so I think I'm just going to steer clear of the scale until a week or so post-marathon : )

  2. you know, for a race that big with so much appeal, a $25 fee to enter the lottery doesn't sound like a big deal to me. especially if it's a race that you REALLY want to participate in and, coming from someone [me] that read their way all the way through your blog to the beginning, i can tell you that you REALLY want to participate in this event so, i think that even though you say now that if you don't get in this year that you probably won't do it again next year, i disagree. i think the fact that this race is your tri-glory will override your annoyance at having to pay a little $25 fee and you will enter the lottery again next year if you don't make it this year. it's only $25. if it were me, i'd enter the lottery every year until i made the cut because i'd want to be able to say i did it. also, that idea of people that volunteer getting the lottery fee waived is a good idea, you should definitely bring that up to them.

    1. Ah heck, your probably right Sara. But I'll still whine and complain about it. I'm thinking this $25 business might mean I'll actually get in. Fingers crossed! Sort of. Ha ha, I'll probably have a nightmare if I do get in.

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