Friday, September 13, 2013

Hello from my Soap Box

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It all starts in the mind. When we think of losing weight we generally think of two things - food and exercise. Limiting one, expanding the other. But that's not what it's about, it's about our thoughts. What goes on in our head guides everything. I've come to think of my conscious and unconscious thoughts as a radio show that's always on, 24/7, never stops. In fact, there are often multiple stations playing at once, with some blasting out their message at full volume and some whispering in the background.

Sounds a bit hectic but that's the brain for you, firing all the time. Tuning into those stations, starting to pay attention to the content, and changing it to suit my goals, has been the foundation of change that's occurred in my life. And as I changed my mind, I changed my body. I'm feeling a bit soap-boxy at the moment, standing up to shout -

It's not about finding the right diet or the newest ab routine that will "melt belly fat" - it's about what's going on between your ears!

Sure, you have to change your diet. And yes, I do also believe you need to exercise (though that comes in many forms). But if you don't change your thinking, it will feel like a life long battle. And though I still battle from time to time, I'm winning the war. Big time.

All this positive energy despite this week being a bit of a dud on the exercise front. The stomach bug I caught over the weekend lingers, and I've thought it best to get some rest. That's over today. I plan to go to the gym after work, or maybe an outdoor run, and get this body moving. I can feel the pent up energy waiting to get out!!

Last thing, I got on the scale this morning. Maintenance remains, 139.6 pounds. I'm living the dream.

I am a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice offering Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for weight loss and maintenance. I have an office in Marin County, CA and I'm also available to see people via Skype. To learn more please visit my professional website at  


  1. Your posts are always so inspiring! I'm looking forward to getting to where you are with your weight maintenance. Thanks so much for being so positive, it's always nic eto hear that :)

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself Kari :D

  2. awesome post. we over complicate healthy living so much! It's just like running...mostly mental. :) You're such an inspiration to get to my goal (I've lost 105 so far with around 15-20 to go). Thank you for continuing to inspire, even from maintenance! :)


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