Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Fun

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Just a quick post to say what an active day I had. We really wanted to do something with the kids outdoors to celebrate summer...Miguel wanted to fish and I wanted to rent kayaks so a lake visit seemed ideal. I researched a bit and found Spring Lake in Sonoma County. This place has it all, including a 3-acre swimming lagoon. Check this out!
Enjoy the 3-acre swimming lagoon with sandy beach and concession stand. The swimming lagoon is staffed by lifeguards and is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Spring Lake's swimming lagoon is treated with chlorine and tested weekly, and water samples consistently exceed all state water quality requirements.
I couldn't fit the length of it in one picture so here's a "stitched" photo. This is no small lagoon.

Spring Lake Swimming Lagoon
You know what I was thinking when I saw swimming lagoon. Swimming! So I packed my goggles and cap and hoped I could sneak in some swim time during our outing. When I read about the lagoon on the website I thought it was a roped off portion of the lake (and I wondered how they treated it with chlorine and all). Turns out it's a separate body of water.

It's perfect for tri-training. So while Miguel took the kids fishing in the lake just across the way, I swam for about 45-50 minutes. Funny thing, I forgot my swimsuit so I had to swim in the bikini I was wearing. I was nervous but it turned out fine. The swim was great! I was getting tired toward the end, noticing my hands were sometimes grazing the water during my stroke, but otherwise I was good. So happy to get some tri training in! Plus I'm going to do some quick pushups and tricep work as soon as I'm done with this post.

After my swim we rented a paddle boat and took the kids around Spring Lake. I was cursing Miguel for renting the paddle boat instead of kayaks like I'd wanted. Serves me right for sending him to the rental window alone, "I thought it would be better for your training." Ugh, my legs were hurting! But we pedaled those kids around the lake for almost an hour and had a great time watching ducks, egrets and scaring the kids into thinking a floating piece of wood was a crocodile!

After the paddleboating we all got ice cream and then drove home and had burgers for dinner. I had a burger with bacon and avocado and a few of the kids' fries. Between that and the Drumstick I think I ate all my hard earned swimming calories and then some. The good thing is, so far, no evening snacking. And I feel strong - it's not going to be a problem tonight!

Another fun thing happened today... I was walking with the kids and Miguel to the car when I heard my name called. Turns out someone recognized me! Heather from Rohnert Park...hi Heather! Whenever someone spots me I always offer to post a pic on the blog with them and she was up for it!

Hi Heather - so fun to meet you!!

Heather was there with her family squeezing in a lake day. She's on her own journey and we spent a few minutes discussing that as well as how important it is to love the body you have. Listen people, you won't get issued a new body when you get to your goal weight. And chances are you'll have a long list of dissatisfactions with your body, even at that magical "goal" weight. So you have to start learning to love your body now, as is, imperfections and all, or you'll get to goal, never be happy, and eventually fall off the wagon. I've been there and done that so take it from me, start loving that ass and those hips and that stomach today!

I'll get off my soapbox to share some other fun pictures from today. Hope you enjoy!

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