Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ms Myra Turns Three!

Can you believe it's been three years already since my little Ms Myra came into the world? She's such a spitfire of energy and enthusiasm for life and people. She's a force to be reckoned with to be sure, I hope she inherited some of that from me.

Welcoming our girl
And here she is today!
We had a party for her and served pizza, fruit, chips, drinks and, of course, cake! I wasn't sure the cake I'd ordered was big enough so I also picked up some red velvet cupcakes.

We had the party at Jack & Jill's, a local kids' playplace, and they all had a great time. All we had to do was bring in the food. I had so much chips and cake, pizza and soda - it was quite a day of eating. And after the party we came home and opened presents with a few friends. I was in a festive mood and opened a bottle of wine to make spritzers. It was super hot outside so we got out the kiddie pool and watched the kids play.

I had more pizza for dinner and after the kids were in bed I got back into the chips, eating a bowl full of Ruffles before the lights went out. I made myself a little promise not to get back into the chips or pizza after yesterday and so far, so good. I'll have Miguel take the chips to work tomorrow just to get them out of the house.

Today I had a plan to meet up with some tri types at Blackie's Pasture in Tiburon for an easy bike ride. I took along my running and swim gear because I wasn't sure what might happen after the ride.

It's another hot day but being close to the water is was a bit cooler, which was nice.

Lee, Lee's Mom, Amber and Gioia
This was Lee's first foray into road riding so we planned to ride the 8 mile Paradise Loop at an easy pace. These are the women with whom I entered the Nike Half-Marathon group entry so it's high time I actually met them in person.

Amber had some tire issues and after dealing with that we hit the road at about 9:30am. Did I mention what a gorgeous day it was?

Gioia and Lee in the background
We did one loop and then Lee had to go. Gioia (pronounced Joy-a), Amber and I set out for another loop. We did the first one in 40 minutes, the second in 35. The only glitch is how much different riding is since my bike fit. I feel like I'm starting my training over again. My legs hurt in all new places, using muscles in a new way. And oh, my lady parts were not happy. Tilting your pelvis forward during a ride means a lot of friction in new areas. Thank goodness Amber had some anti-chafing cream that I put on between loops or I might be too chafed to even pee. TMI? Anyway, after the ride my stomach was growling so I had half of an Accel gel, some banana, and then dipped into Amber and Gioia's food - grapes and potatoes with salt - yum!

Post-bike fuel up
Both of them swear off the energy gels and stick to whole foods. Not a bad idea, though I love the caffeine. Maybe I could do caffeine tabs and whole foods and see how my stomach feels about that? I opted to go on a 30 minute run and then the three of us met up after. Oh, I finally broke down and purchased a TriMore jersey. TriMore was at Blackie's Pasture for the Tri training group I almost joined, they were doing a triple brick - 8 mile ride, 30 minute run, 8 mile ride, 20 minute run, 8 mile ride, 10 minute run. Not feeling sorry to miss out on that!

I'm so official now!
I love the jersey!  After the run the three of us met up at a coffee shop for a snack. I stuck to the peach I'd brought in an attempt to balance out yesterday's food-fest. After some very fun tri/run/life talk with Amber and Gioia I headed home to shower and lunch. I made myself a very healthy turkey sandwich and cooked up some yummy green beans. I'm feeling healthy and alive and so happy to put the pizza, chips, etc behind me. The party was fun, the food was tasty, but that's not my normal, and I'm happy to be back to my normal. It sure feels good! The kids are home from the soccer field now so I have to run. Might be an afternoon coffee kind of day.


  1. happy birthday Myra!!!

    love your new jersey. and that triple brick thing they were doing sounds like fun to me! i like the idea of duathlons because i'm not so much of a swimmer.

  2. I love that your new normal is being healthy! Yep, the pizza and chips are fine, but they don't give us the body we want, right? Happy birthday to your daughter. Time does fly - mine just turned 21! :D


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