Thursday, September 26, 2013

T - 3 Days

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Oh boy oh boy oh excitement is building! Can you tell?! In just a few days I'll be dragging my gear and my butt out to the start line for my first Olympic distance triathlon, the Santa Cruz Triathlon. As you might remember, I first made a goal to complete an Olympic distance triathlon back in 2008, when I was sidetracked by pregnancy. I'd registered for the Marin County Triathlon and a week hadn't even gone by when I got the baby news. At first I thought I could do the event, even at 5 months pregnant, but when the 1st trimester exhaustion hit that goal flew out the window. I ultimately relayed the event, doing the run and completing my first 10k run ever.

I registered for that same Olympic last year but mistakenly signed up for a half-marathon only two weeks prior to the triathlon and with all my excitement about running I pretty much failed to train at all. So I switched my registration to the sprint distance and vowed that 2013 would be my year, "Next year I'm a gal with a goal and I will do that Olympic distance." Well, here I am. It's time.

I'm also excited because I was interviewed by the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the local newspaper in Santa Cruz. They interviewed me for a story on people doing the triathlon (rest assured I'll share it here when it comes out). I was talking with the reporter and while describing my path here, it hit me. It was 5 years ago when I first dreamed of doing an Olympic distance triathlon and I hope to finally accomplish that goal this coming Sunday. I wish my kids could be there but Miguel's soccer team has a playoff game and that's just too much for my mom to do on her own.

So I've been eating like crazy carb loading today. I expect to be at the starting line Sunday morning full of energy. My last bit exercise will be a taper run tomorrow after work and then that's it. I'm driving up to Santa Cruz on Saturday and staying the night with a couple other women doing the triathlon. Not your typical girls night, I'm sure we'll be prepping our gear and hitting the sack early. Look for plenty of updates on my Facebook page though, I'll do my best to share the excitement with you!

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  1. I'm excited right along with you!

  2. I think you did this the right way. I did my first Oly one year after my first sprint and I wasn't ready. I finished but it was agony. You definitely are ready for this!

  3. You've got this!! I can't wait to hear about it!!!


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