Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On my Rump

So I've been doing a whole lotta nothing since the triathlon. I had a plan to run on Monday, an easy recovery run. Didn't happen. Then I had a plan to run on Tuesday, also an easy recovery run. Didn't happen. Today (Wednesday) I'd hoped to get in a run and hit the gym. Babysitter cancelled and, you guessed it, didn't happen.

And my eating has been entirely meh. Nothing to write home about. It's not out of control exactly, but it's not really under control either. Of course my weight is up by a few pounds...give or take a pound or two (in the up direction). Enough beating around the bush...I'm 143.8 pounds. And I need to be doing something about it. Scratch that, I want to be doing something about it. And pizza is not the something I should be doing.

It's not all doom and gloom around here. The evening snacking is back on track. My friend Michelle is texting me again and I survived a particularly difficult evening last night. Miguel was out and that is often a time when I want to munch. In my old life time alone with a kitchen meant I could finally eat whatever I wanted without worry of being observed. I don't know if that's why being alone in the evening makes me munchie or if it's something else but as I've said before, the why isn't so important. It's the how that matters.

Blah, blah, blah - I'm not snacking in the evening. And while my general food choices need some work, it's the momentum that needs to turn around. I think some of it might be post-race blues. I hear there is such a thing. And the bigger the race, the heavier the blues. I don't really have the blues, just a bit of a post-race slow-down perhaps. I've just been reminding myself that things will turn around, that my fire will re-ignite here soon enough, and that all will be right with the world again.


  1. This souns all too familiar! I get in these slumps where I am so unmotivated it's ridiculous! You will get through it!

  2. Just curious, have you ever tried running with the kids in a jogging stroller? Or pulling them along when you bike? Its definitely a good workout, especially the older they get :)

  3. don't worry too much about the 3 days of not being able to do planned exercise. after doing that oly tri, your body needs the rest. just pick it back up tomorrow and move forward.

  4. How about getting out and doing something, even if you can't find the motivation to do everything you think you should be doing? Take a walk with the kids, or a family bike ride?

  5. I used to be a binge night eater too when I was a single parent. I'd put my daughter to bed and it was not unusual that I would eat a whole frozen pizza by myself, literally a couple hours after eating dinner!

    When I went on WW, lost the 70 pounds, met my husband, the urge to binge completely went away. Until his first business trip and my daughter was at a sleepover - it was the first time I'd been home by myself in years and all of a sudden those urges came rushing back.

    So, I don't keep that stuff at home - pretzels/salty shit can't be in my house because I can't control it. So far so good!


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