Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Comeback

Holiday weekends are just lovely. You get to fill in all the weekend stuff, and then there's an extra day. Bonus! On Friday I hit the gym after work and did 25 minutes on the upright bike. I did level 8 but at one point had to drop down the resistance for a minute. Normally I'd die before dropping down the resistance but being I haven't had a regular exercise pattern of late, I made an exception. And my ego is still in fine shape.

After the bike I did a full round of body weight exercises. This time I focused a bit more on my back and PT exercises. My shoulder is finally starting to ease up on the pain front. In the bad news department, I'm still struggling a bit with afternoon fatigue. It would probably help if I got a bit more sleep.

Saturday was a lazy day. I lounged around all morning and in the afternoon did a little wine tasting with a friend before doing a bit of shopping. I need an outfit for my upcoming secret-fun-news so I bought a few things. I might post some of the outfits on FB and see what you guys think. Then it was off to dinner with Miguel and the kids, where I ate way too many chips and made a not-so-healthy dinner choice (a beef taco and a chicken enchilada, if you must know). Oh, and I might have also had a couple margaritas. Look for the scale to be inching up.

Today, Sunday, I managed to get out for a nice hike on Mt Hamilton. The hike was about 2 hours in all, mostly climbing on the way in, downhill on the way out. The weather was typical Bay Area fall - clear, sunny with just a touch of crisp coolness in the air. I couldn't find my Garmin before I left so I can't post the route to show elevation change. I was tempted to run at various points but decided to just take it easy, easing my body back into full blown exercise mode. Besides, mentally, it was nice to take a more leisurely pace.

That's all I got. My eating (and drinking) remains in the fair to poor range but it's not as abysmal as it was. More importantly, my healthy-lifestyle confidence is edging back up. Maintenance is all about the comeback. Heck, this whole journey is all about the comeback. And baby, I'm coming back!


  1. you've bounced back just fine in the past, i have no doubt you'll bounce back just fine this time as well. you rock, don't ever forget that!

  2. Bouncing back sounds so nice. I'm working on bouncing back right now. I didn't do so bad over Halloween, plus I took the left over candy to the office for our patients and (apparently) one of the doctors. The bag of candy in the back room storage is mysteriously lighter. Yes, back to long runs for me and looking for a new gym so I can get in some uninterrupted weight lifting.

  3. Getting more sleep could help with the pain and with the food choices. I don't know if you've read Kelly McGonigal's book on willpower, but less sleep=less willpower.

    You are definitely teasing us with this secret! But unlike Mark Twain, I always love enterprises that require new clothes.

  4. I am so glad you feel better! I can't wait to find out what your big secret is!

  5. Remember, any type of setback is a setup for a comeback. Glad you are doing well too :)



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