Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Rolling Toward 2014

Happy Winter Holidays!! I am very excited for my children to experience the wonders of the holidays like no one else but children can.

I am continuing to do what I can, baby steps here and there. The scale has reflected this by inching back under 145 to 144.8 pounds as of this morning. To give you an idea of how I've been eating lately - I had macadamia nuts for dinner last night. Yep, 100% macadamia nuts. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Exercise was rolling, and kind of slowed with the big day drawing near. I admit, I've drifted off to January in my exercise/eating well mind. Not my normal style but this is not my normal life so I'll just roll with it for now. Maybe I'll get a run in after work today. Or maybe I won't.

In any case, I'll be preparing for Santa's big arrival, likely staying up until the wee hours making sure his cookies don't get stale and his milk stays cold.

Enjoy the day, and remember, when it comes to celebrating, it's really only 1 day, maybe 2 depending on how your family celebrates, but it's not two weeks, that I know for sure. Indulge, enjoy, stay present, and then get back to your routine. That's my plan. Kind of.

I'll close with a bit of the good: On Friday I got to the gym MUCH later than planned. I almost skipped it and went shopping instead. But then I realized, how much shopping can I get done in an hour? Hardly any. But in an hour I can run 2 miles and then shower and get ready for the party (that I was going to that evening). Yep, good stuff.

And the not-so-good: Yes, that's a picture of no less than SEVEN empty Lindt mint chocolate truffles, eaten yesterday while driving around from client to client. And yes, I am responsible, solely responsible, for all seven of them. I promptly gave the rest of the bag away to the very next person I encountered. He was happy to receive them and I was happy to unload them. Win-win. Well, more like Lose-Win-Win. But a win in the end so it's not all bad.

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