Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year in Review and 2014 Goals

Happy New Year!

We hosted a raging party last night, complete with noisemakers and a countdown to the new year. But this party was a bit different than last year (when I went overboard on the wine). It was kid-friendly and we used the New York City ball drop as our "countdown" to 2014. As the (California) clock struck 9pm we shared "cheers" with friends and the preschool set and laughed as they ran around blaring their noisemakers and wishing all a happy new year.

By night's end I'd had a couple glasses of wine and one glass of champagne. Perfect. I cleaned up the house and was all tucked and sleeping before midnight. Ringing in the new year with preschoolers is the way to go. Oh, and despite a work fiasco that meant I left late, I managed to get to the gym, run 2 miles on the treadmill and do chest/triceps/PT exercises before the party. Go me!

Last year I made a few goals for 2013 and now seems like a good time to review them.
  1. Swim, bike, run...with a number on me. I completed all but one of my planned races. And the one I missed was because of pneumonia. My race accomplishments included the Nike half-marathon. I loved it so much I'm considering entering the lottery for the full marathon next year. I'd say this is a goal accomplished.
  2. Reach 25% body fat. I reached 25% body fat in March of last year and about a week later I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Never got back to the 25% again. I'm ok with that, though I'd like to take another crack at it this year, without getting sick.
  3. Maintain, maintain, maintain. I celebrated my first goaliversary in November, maintaining my goal weight for 12 months. As you know, I slipped above my goal weight this past month, but I'm working hard to get it back under 145. In fact, this morning I was 145.2 so I'm getting there. I'll consider this goal mostly achieved. 11/12th of a goal met is pretty damn good.
And now for a few other things I accomplished in 2013.
  1. I volunteered at my first event. The Escape from Alcatraz event was a blast. The other volunteers were so fun and I got to see the pros in action. I plan to volunteer again this year and hope it will be a tad warmer and that I won't have undiagnosed pneumonia. If you have yet to volunteer at a race, get going - it's SO much fun!
  2. I Made Lifetime status at Weight Watchers. I made my goal weight in 2012 but you don't get Lifetime status until you maintain it for 6 weeks (which now seems like a ridiculously short amount of time). In January 2014 I became a key-carrying lifetime member.
  3. I got pneumonia. Twice. This isn't really an "accomplishment" but it's still notable. And when I think about it, the fact that I was struck down twice by this nasty infection and managed to get up and keep going, well that, ladies and gentlemen, is an accomplishment.
  4. I broke the 9 minute mile pace. I still can't believe I ran that fast. I hope I can do it again this year. But I've learned (from my readers) that no pace is "slow" because there's always someone out there for whom my slow is their fast. In other words, just be happy you can run dammit!
  5. I completed an Olympic distance triathlon. The Santa Cruz triathlon was a big deal for me. I swam 1.5k, biked 40k and ran 10k, all consecutively. With a smile. And I learned that a fat girl picked me up.
  6. I backpacked in the Desolation Wilderness. This is the 2nd year I went on this all women backpacking trip. The plan is to do it again in 2014, I think we're talking Big Sur. Having a body that can hike for miles on end with a pack carrying all I need to survive for a couple days, well, that's worth maintaining.
  7. I conquered two BIG hills on my bike. In 2012 I climbed the first (Marshall Wall) of three "big" hills that have always scared me. This past year I conquered the other two, Big Rock and Conzelman Road. I'm not really afraid of hills anymore, but there are a few I'd still like to complete.
  8. I nearly became famous! Big things happened this year in the media department. First, I was featured in an ad for my gym, A Cape Free Superhero. So cool. Next, I got to work with Evelyn Tribole for a Fitness Magazine article. Then I was on the cover of the SF Chronicle's In Marin paper. So exciting! Next, I was in print again when the Santa Cruz Sentinel included me in a story on the Santa Cruz Triathlon. And finally, I was flown to Los Angeles for what is still a secret media related thing. All will be revealed soon!
  9. I started my private practice. If you're a regular reader you know I've educated myself on the psychology of weight loss and maintenance. That, coupled with my own experience and my career came together when I opened a private practice specializing in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Weight Loss and Maintenance.  
  10. My blog got a makeover. I hope it's growing on you as it is me! After 6 years it seemed like a time for change. In February I'll be celebrating 7 years of blogging. That's like 70 years in blog-years!
What a year! I'm surprised by all I've accomplished this past year. It's been a tough year in the personal life department, I hope 2014 is a year of settling in that department. And speaking of 2014, a few goals to strive toward:
  1. Get back to (and maintain) goal weight. This is first and foremost. I inched above 145 (to 147) after a couple/few months of struggling with my eating and exercise. The whole thing started when I was diagnosed with pneumonia in October. As of this morning I was 145.2 so I'm on my way. And my exercise routine is getting back to an actual routine.
  2. Lower my body fat %age. Notice I'm not setting a number goal this time? I'll admit, 25% sounds good, but it might not be reasonable for me. I'm 30% as of today and I'll just focus on lowering it, maybe down to 27 or so, but we'll see.
  3. Go the distance. What distance? Not sure yet, but it might be a full marathon (Nike in October if the lottery gods are with me) or another Olympic triathlon. Even an outside chance I'll do a Half-Ironman (though I doubt it). Whatever race I do, I have a goal to do something. Starting with the Emerald Nut Run 12k in March.
  4. Complete the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. It starts in only 5 more days and is a 28 day detox/cleanse/healthy eating/exercise thing. There's still time to join me if you're interested!
Of course I have plenty of goals that are not exercise/fitness related but this isn't that blog so that's it. This time next year I'll be again checking in on myself to see how things went. What are you proud to have accomplished in 2013? Any 2014 goals?


  1. Wow! You Have really managed a lot in 2013. Great to see you achieving so much despite the pneumonia. I am new to the world of blogging but what a great way to share knowledges and support each other.
    My goal for 2014 is to practice what I preach (I am a health professional) and get my weight back from the current 156 lbs (71 kgs) to 138 lbs (63 kgs). It is not just about the numbers or the way I will look but about how I will feel. As well as a great sense of achievement I know I will feel fitter, lighter and have more energy if I am not carrying around the extra pounds. There will be less stress on my joints. My risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke will be greatly reduced.
    Ironically I am actually pretty fit and quite happy with the way my body looks now except for some fat around my belly. I am a walker not a runner and my idea of doing weights these days is unloading a truckload of feed for my horses so I am going to have to concentrate on being very mindful of what I put in my mouth to drop the weight!
    Can champagne be considered an essential food group???

    1. Only on the fifth Saturday of the odd month. But seriously, you sound ready to drop those 20 pounds and start feeling better all 'round so go for it!

  2. Great goals! I am going to try and head to the gym to lift weights more regularly..I hate weights so this is a big deal :) Good luck on your goals for 2014

    1. Start with, "I used to hate lifting weights but I want to try it out and see if I get results that are worth it. Who maybe I'll grow to like it." This approach will remove a potential barrier to your reaching your goal. iow, get out of your own way. Wink.

  3. great goals! and what an amazing 2013 for you! so awesome! i should do a "year in review" blog post too. great idea!

  4. I always wonder how accurate those body fat percentage scales are. I keep hoping mine is overestimating a little.

    1. Me too, unfortunately I've decided they're probably not that far off. The main thing is that they are consistent with themselves, so at least I know I've gone up a few percentage points.


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