Friday, January 31, 2014

Bring on the Weekend!

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It's Friday! Fri-dayyyyy!! I was very happy that today was indeed the end of the workweek. Even though my brain is a bit mushy I'll try to remember what I ate today. The good thing is I took at least one picture, so that will help.

Breakfast: Kashi GoLean with cinnamon sprinkled on, almond milk

I had a lot of appointments today...back to back to back most of the day. But I was prepared and had my snack bag at the ready.

Snack: Apple, 1 brown rice cake, 1 string cheese

Lunch was at the work cafeteria.

Lunch: Salad with feta cheese, meatloaf, broiled veggies, chili soup, and a random piece of sushi

I was hungry come lunchtime so this was a very satisfying meal.

After lunch it was back to the workday. By the time after-work rolled around I debated with myself whether to run some errands and then hit the gym or vice versa. I had tentative plans for the evening so I decided it was safer to get the gym out of the way in case those developed.

Snack: 1 rice cake

I snapped a mirror-selfie at the gym before I changed. It helped to remind myself that part of why I exercise - besides to stave off homicidal urges - is to keep the body that I love so much. I needed the pep talk because it was one of those days in which I was not in the mood to run. It was windy and chilly outside but even then, an outside run sounded better than the treadmill. I reminded myself that I can just run slow, "run as slow as you want to, just run." So I got changed and hit the pavement.

About a half-mile into my run a fellow gym-goer, John, caught up with me. He was on an outside run too. His pace is much faster than mine but he slowed to run with me for a mile or so, which was nice. We chatted about running and cycling and whatnot and he told me I need to work on my stride, "you're taking a lot of steps but you're not going anywhere..." [note: I beg to differ, I do believe I am going somewhere] " should lengthen your stride and spring off your ankle." Just about that time I hit my turnaround point so I didn't get to ask him to elaborate.

But on the return leg (no pun intended) I worked on lengthening my stride, mostly by bringing my legs back. As you might recall my PT said I don't bring my leg back enough (or at all, really). Instead I rotate my hips, which isn't as effective. So I focused on that and on "springing" off my ankle (hopefully I understood the concept). In the end I ran the 3 miles in 28:45...wait, that means I ran 9:35 average. I'm not sure that's right. Or maybe he pushed me to run slightly faster than usual.

Bottom line, it was a good run and I was proud to have finished the job. After the run I did legs/shoulders/core work. I was moving slow and felt a bit low on energy. Not sure what that's about, maybe because it's Friday? No matter, I just moved more slowly through my workout being I was not pressed for time like I normally am.

My evening plans fell into place. I picked the kids up from preschool and met my best mommy friend Michelle for dinner at In-n-Out burger. It was chaos with the four kids but we managed. Michelle and I also managed to put away quite a number of french fries.

Dinner: A double burger with no cheese and mustard/ketchup instead of the "special" sauce (read: mayonnaise, ketchup and relish), plenty o' fries.

After dinner we took the kids to frozen yogurt. I indulged there too.

Snack: A big bowl of yogurt and all the toppings my wee heart desired.

It was a fun evening catching up with Michelle, to the extent we could with the kids acting like jacked up maniacs most of the evening. Marek's birthday theme is coming together and it's birthday season with all the kids in his playgroup turning 5 this year. So exciting! And in August he's starting kindergarten. Woot!

I know I'm a day late for Throwback Thursday but... my other good mommy/runner friend Jackie sent me this picture tonight. She knows the weight loss battle and has followed my story with great support and enthusiasm. Surround yourself with people who get it, people who are striving just like you, people who want it. It makes the journey that much easier.

I was probably around 199 when this picture was taken. I hadn't gotten back on the wagon yet. And check my super long hair! All those curls.

Anyway, that's it from me. The kids are finally asleep and I'm right behind 'em. Time to get some zzzzz's.


  1. You were pretty then and you are pretty now. The changes are amazing, though.

  2. Thank you. I may have been pretty but I sure didn't feel it. I didn't feel ugly either, I just knew I was not what I could be in terms of how I felt about myself. It feels good to like what I see in the mirror.

  3. when a trainer at my gym showed me the “proper” way to run and I did it, I ran a LOT faster than normal. The only problem is that the “proper” way to run really takes it out of me and wears me out fast


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