Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 11: Is snackmeal a word? It should be.

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It didn't work out for me to make a hot breakfast this morning. In fact, I was at work and on the road before I had a chance to think about my morning meal. I spotted a "natural foods" store in the strip mall I was passing and decided to pop in to see what I could find. I spotted these Heart Thrive Energy Bars and checked out the label. Looked good enough for me.

Breakfast: HeartThrive Energy Bar

I had that with some hot mint tea. I'm getting obsessed with mint tea these days. So refreshing. Curious how it seems zippy and energizing when I have it in the morning, and calming and relaxing when I have it in the evening. How does that work?

Snack: Banana

I was driving around a lot today and lunch slipped away from me. In the end I pulled into a favorite deli and got some beef jerky.

Lunch: 2 long (think 10 inches) pieces of beef jerky, 3 mandarin oranges, 1 brown rice cake.

I'm calling that a snackmeal. It's not really a meal but more than a snack too. I guess a snackmeal is when you eat enough snacky type items to call it a meal. I'm going with that.

Snack: 1 brown rice cake

I arrived at the gym with my stomach growling. I knew that would affect my workout, and obviously not in a good way. Unfortunately I didn't have any energy gels in my bag this time. I started with spin class, which was already underway when I arrived. I was super-wheezy and left the class to get my inhaler. It didn't start helping until the class was over.

After spin I did back/biceps/PT exercises and a few of my old core exercises. It seems like even the "easy" core exercises are not getting any easier so I decided to step it up and add a few tough ones in to strengthen my core/abs. I only have to hope my back doesn't suffer as a result.

Got in my car after my workout and had another...

Snack: Brown rice cake

I used to eat those all the time and I'm happy to have them back in my life. Crunchy, a tad salty, and really quite wholesome. With only two ingredients - Organic Whole Grain Brown Rice and Sea Salt - I think even Michael Pollan would approve. Then I arrived home to find dinner being made, which was nice.

Dinner: Black beans, avocado, eggs

I had a bit more than is pictured here, stealing bites off the kids' plates when they were done.

Later, after a round of Candyland, the kids asked for a snack. And food sounded good so I made one for myself as well.

Snack: Brown rice cake with peanut butter smeared on

Hellloooo peanut butter! That rounded out the day's food nicely. I'm pretty sure I didn't eat quite enough again today. I'm trying to make a decision about what to do about that. Do I modify the program to allow me to eat more quick/easy foods (yogurt, cheese, bread) and more carbs (pasta, tortillas)? I'm kind of thinking of adding in gluten as long as the items I eat are homemade (ie - not heavily processed). Obviously that leaves out pasta as I don't see myself whipping up homemade fettuccine anytime soon. Bread is more possible, just need to borrow a bread maker.

Anyway, I'll figure it out. The weekend is approaching and I know getting more food will be easier because I'll have more time to prep.


  1. I'm definitely still thinking that you aren't getting enough calories, but it sounds like you are aware of that :) Can you add in a flourless bread, like Ezekial bread or Udi's brand bread? I have the raisin Ezekial bread topped with P.B. and apple slices almost every day for lunch, and it really keeps me fueled for the rest of my day, and is super satisfying to boot : ) Another idea would be to make a big ol' batch of steel cut oats in the slow cooker. My husband does this every couple of days and often brings containers of oats to work for both breakfast and lunch (there are lots of savory oatmeal recipes out there which are pretty delicious for lunch/dinners). I do understand that it is all about finding what works for your body, though, and of course that differes for everyone. As a distance runner, I personally find I do much better with a pretty high carb ratio in my diet (as is probably evident from my suggestions ;) ).

    1. I totally agree!

    2. I just realized I never posted what I had for breakfast. It was a yummy bar thing that I found and I have a picture to post tOo. That will bring up my days calories least a little bit. tose are great suggestions if I start doing bread I will check those out for sure.


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