Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 12: Lemon Poppy goodness

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Whoops! Forgot to post this last night. Better late than never, right?

Breakfast: Oatmeal (1/2 cup dry) with a fried egg

I had that hungry feeling all morning. The one where you feel like you're going to need to eat and eat and eat and not be satisfied. By 9:30am I felt like I needed another meal.

Snack: Banana, almonds, 2 brown rice cakes, orange.

That sort of did the trick. It got me to lunch anyway. I was on the road most of the day for work and hadn't packed a lunch. I stopped in at the same natural grocery store as yesterday, The Golden Carrot. In Thursday's post I'd forgotten to tell you about the bar (I just went and added it - it was the Lemon Poppy flavor). Today I got apple and a cranberry flavors too. I know these fall into the "processed" category but the ingredients are so wholesome and they are made locally.

Lunch: HeartThrive bar, lemon poppy

They are so yummy and satisfying. I'm posting the pics again. If you happen upon these I suggest trying them. They are made by The Healthy Baking Company and I'm seriously considering ordering some direct (you have to buy them by the dozen I think).

More driving, more snacking:

Snack: last piece of spicy hot beef jerky

I went to the gym after work and did another 4.5 mile run. My pace was 9:47, six seconds slower than last week, and I was super, super happy with that. It means it wasn't a total fluke!

After the run I did chest/triceps/PT and added in more core exercises. I'm having this pain in my rear, right pelvis area (hard to explain where it's at) and man, it started burning. I must have pulled some random muscle. I was thinking it's my hip but it's too high and back to be that - which actually eases my anxiety about it. I don't need hip problems!

After the gym I hustled to change as I was meeting a friend for dinner.

Dinner: meatballs, chicken, rice, brussells sprouts, squash

It was a mishmash sort of meal but so yummy. And satisfying. I think I needed a "big" meal the way I've been eating lately. I was tempted by chocolate for dessert but stayed strong. No alcohol either. It gets so easy to say no when you've been saying it a while. My resistance muscle is strong these days.

I've gotten some great emails lately, I plan to respond this weekend. Ok, I have to run...thanks for reading!!


  1. great job on exercising your "resistance" muscle! yesterday i successfully completed 17 days of exercising my "resistance" will be day 18! i haven't slipped up once! strictly "on diet" this whole time. i said "no" to my favorite donuts, to root beer floats, to Girl Scout cookies AND to BBQ this week! WOW!

    1. The more you say no to foods you don't truly want, the easier it becomes. I'd exercised more of my "giving in" muscle prior to this challenge and as a result, it got stronger. Now my resistance muscle is stronger again, which is how I like it. You're doing great! How do you plan to incorporate treats and other indulgences into your plan?

  2. The pain sounds like sciatica. I get that sometimes. I might try the bars if I can find them.

    1. I'm not sure. I had sciatica pain ages ago and from what I remember, it was different. This is more to the side, near the upper edge of my pelvis and it's not radiating at all. I thought it was going to hurt a lot after my ride yesterday but it's actually been better so that's hopeful!


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