Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 13: West Marin Ride

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You may have heard that we are in a bit of a drought here in sunny California. I think it's rained once since November. The weather has been spring-like, clear and in the 70's. It sure doesn't feel like winter. So today, I took advantage.

I was up early to meet the Marin Tri Club folks for a 25 mile ride described as, "good if you haven't been on your bike in a while." Yep, that's me. I've been on a spin bike and rode the few miles to my gym and back, but I haven't done anything more since my Turkey Roll ride on Thanksgiving.

Breakfast: HeartThrive energy bar (apple)

We hit the road by 9:20, leaving out of Nicasio, a picture perfect town in West Marin, and heading toward Point Reyes, even more of a quaint, country cottage town. We rode the 10 miles to Point Reyes and, while the cardio was no issue, my legs were burning. They're out of practice. We re-grouped in Point Reyes and had some decision-making to do. The group decided to ride back to Nicasio and then do a repeat of the out/back, which would total about 40 miles.

I was only looking to do about 25. Plus I wanted a bit of a change of scenery, so I decided to split from the group and ride further on toward the visitor's center. But first, a group shot before we departed.

Me, Croco, Nancy, Carlos and Gioia
This was the first time I met Carlos, who runs Novato Adventure Boot Camp where a lot of these ladies go to keep their bodies tuned up, and Elise (Elise took the picture). Hi you two!

Anyway, I cycled off on my own, enjoying the relaxation that comes from setting my own pace without a care in the world. When I was nearing the visitor's center I saw a sign toward Limantour Beach - 8 miles. I sort of knew I wasn't going to make it the whole way but wanted to take a peek. I stopped near a sign and had to settle for a selfie being I was all alone.

Lucky girl, I am!

I started down Limantour road, I had no idea what it was like. But I found out. Flat at first, and then it started climbing. And climbing. And climbing. It wasn't steep, thankfully, but it just didn't let up. I gave up on going the 8 miles and decided to settle for a view of the water. Any water. I took in the serene, quiet beauty of the ride. Cool, clear, only birds and the sound of my wheels on the road.

Just me and the open road.
I pedaled and pedaled and finally saw a tourist sign on the sign of the road. That must mean a view of something.

A view of Tomales Bay

That was all I needed to feel satisfied and turned back toward Nicasio. I'd ridden 13 miles. When I got back to Point Reyes I stopped for a snack.

Some of my choices at Toby's Feed Barn
Whole foods!
Snack: Banana, almonds

After the break I got back on my bike for the 10 or so miles back to Nicasio. There were so many cyclists on the road it was almost like an amusement park. I felt so much gratitude in being out there with them all. This is why I do it. For days like this. And to fit into my skinny jeans.

Back to my car for a stretch and another snack. 27.41 miles in 2 hours, 15 minutes. Woo-hoo!

Snack: Apple, 2 rice cakes

A few Garmin snaps for your review.

12.1 mph average - I'll take it!

Yep, that was a hill alright.
Gorgeous day! Full Garmin stats here.

And then on to the rest of my day. I had some shopping to do but found myself getting hungry so I stopped for lunch at the Whole Foods salad bar.

Lunch: pea spinach soup and a small salad with pulled pork.

Then a good amount of shopping before heading out to dinner. Japanese...yum!

Dinner: a wide assortment of sushi, sashimi, and you name it, I had some.

There you have it. My day, in a nutshell. And now, I'm done. Tired. Pooped. Headed to bed. And I am going to sleep in tomorrow. Late.


  1. Awesome ride! That area of CA has the BEST scenery ever. Thanks for sharing your ride, your eats and your day. :)

  2. wow! what an awesome day! i'm jealous of your bike ride, especially the fact that you have a group that you can go ride with. i don't have that...of course, i haven't really looked either so i guess that's my own fault...haha! anyway, awesome day! i hope to get on my bike more often this year than i did last of my goals for 2014

    1. I had to track down groups. There might be more here in the bay area but check out, that's where a lot of groups hook up. I love the bike. Whenever I'm burned out on running, the bike feels like heaven!

  3. A Great Route !!!
    I like 1500c, 27mil and AS 12,1 MPH :D :D
    I have a Cross-country Bike, it is difficult to achieve high speed. I have always wanted to have a road bike, but can not afford :D :D

    This is the first time I saw your bicycle, I would love it
    Also here is my bicycle, it doesn't look fancy :D

    1. Fun video! You love your bike, that's obvious. Enjoy riding :)

  4. I love love love biking!! I love it so much more than running because you can ride over 100km in a day and not get burnt out.. and see so much. Love your bike Michelle! Thanks for sharing your ride :)

    1. Thank you Nicole. I want to get on my bike more often this spring and summer. Nothing else like that wind in my hair.

  5. Wow, it is amazing, I like riding bike, a few days ago, I have bought a spin bike doing exercise at home, but riding outside with other people is very interesting


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