Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 14: Lazy Sunday

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It feels so good to laze around doesn't it? Today was one of those days. I slept until around 8am. Thought about going back to sleep, just because I could, and then realized I'd be burning daylight and, heck, why waste time sleeping? I'd had 8 hours, that seemed like enough.

For the first time I really wanted a cup of coffee. It just sounded divine. But I dutifully made my tea and carried on. Eventually I felt more awake and didn't miss the coffee. Breakfast was heavenly. I found this pancake mix that is gluten free and very wholesome. The pancakes are more dense than what I've had in the past and they just feel so much more satisfying to eat.

Breakfast: 2 gluten free pancakes, maple syrup, fruit salad (bananas, apple, orange).

Look at the list of ingredients - Sweet brown rice flour (what makes it sweet?), tapioca flour, arrowroot flour, rice milk powder, cream of tartar, baking soda, salt and ground vanilla bean.

Sounds like real food to me. I bet I could actually buy these ingredients myself and make this pancake mix. Anyway, they're super yummy. I cook them in butter, which helps. They get crispy on the edges and, well, it's hard to only eat two.

The weather was, unfortunately, gorgeous again today. I say unfortunately because of the drought. And not a drop of rain in the forecast.

No rain in the coming week.
If we're not going to be able to wash our clothes come March, might as well enjoy it now. After a lazy morning I decided to go for a walk. There was a big football game today and the whole world was caught up in that so I could roam free. I did a two-mile flat trek along the coast. I didn't take any pictures. I felt like I wanted to be more meditative about it, taking in the ocean air without thinking about much more than the waves crashing against the rocks. I think a bit of fog was cleared from my brain during that walk.

Snack: 1/2 HeartThrive energy bar, banana

I stopped for lunch at a little place near the water.

Lunch: Shrimp cocktail, wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon.

I'm not supposed to have cheese but it sounded too good to pass up, so I didn't. It was a perfect amount of food. I people watched for a while before heading back.

Dinner: Salmon, steak, quinoa, salad

I cooked the quinoa in chicken stock and added sauteed onions and diced tomatoes to it. It was VERY good. Quinoa is super bland if you just cook it in water, you have to spice it up or it's just not good, imho.

So today I had cravings for "bad" foods. I really wanted a burger and fries. And then I wanted ice cream. I let the cravings crash on the shore, they weren't that big and certainly didn't come anywhere near knocking me down. After dinner I had some fruit to satisfy that sweet craving.

Snack: orange

I imagine I'll never be one of those people that sees fruit as a dessert but, that said, I do actually enjoy fruit as dessert. Especially after a heavy meal that includes something like steak. Anyway, this is the two-week mark so I'm not surprised I'm starting to have some cravings. I'll keep taking it one day at a time. If I decide I must have a burger and fries, or that I must have ice cream...well then, maybe I'll have them. But today was not that day.


  1. the last time i ate quinoa, i just mixed it, plain, with some pinto beans, also plain...and it was very yummy to me.

    1. glad you enjoyed it. I add beans sometimes too,but I still need to cook it in chicken stock to add flavor.


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