Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 15: Running uphill

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Me: If you really want some ice cream, put some in a bowl and eat it. Don't keep going to the freezer for bites and end up eating more than a bowl.
Me: Good point. I'm not sure I even want any. Ice cream makes me all phlegmy anyway, plus it's not part of my plan right now. I'm only wanting it because it's there.
Me: If it gets that bad, put it down the garbage disposal.

Yes, these are the conversations I have with myself. I know it's not pretty, but it works. As you can probably tell, I've been to the freezer once and stood there with a spoon having a couple bites of ice cream. The internal dialogue above happened when I went back again for a couple more bites, which I didn't end up having. I put the spoon away and came to write my blog.

Aaaanyway...on to the story of today.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with brown sugar, maple syrup, raisins and a bit of milk, raspberry tea

Sugar! What can I say? I faltered. It sounded really good and it was a holiday and blah, blah, blah I ate it. I'd slept in quite late so the oatmeal was more like brunch, if that justifies things any (no it does not, in case you were wondering).

Snack: 2 brown rice cakes

I finally got to the gym in the afternoon and for whatever reason, running even three miles sounded like too much. So I decided to do a shorter route with a giant hill in the middle. This is a hill I was too scared to ride my bike up until this year, and now I'm scheming to run up it?! The good news is, it's not that long, but where it's lacking in distance, it makes up for in grade with parts in the 20% grade range. That's a steep hill!

But I managed to keep running the whole way up. I had an Eminem song blasting in my ears and I found myself carefully listening to the lyrics to distract me... 'Cause I am, whatever you say I am, If I wasn't, then why would I say I am? In the paper, the news everyday I am... I took each step with the beat of the music and, head down, just ran. If you can call that running, which you can, so I will.

I was super happy with my pace. Even with that big hill I kept the middle mile under 11 minutes. I'm feeling so good about my running these days.

After the run I went into the gym and did legs/shoulders/PT exercises. I again added in some of my old "hard" ab/core stuff - including russian twists with 10 pounds, medicine ball swap (like this but with a 6lb medicine ball instead of a swiss ball), and the swiss ball jacknife. So far so good on that. They are NOT easy, but I'm feeling ready challenge myself and I just hope my back is too.

After the gym it was home to fix dinner and play a few rounds of Candyland.

Dinner: Carne asada, black beans, rice, avocado

And, as you already know...

Snack: 2 spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream

After I post this I plan to watch a bit more TV and then go to bed. I'm tired and need a good night sleep before I face the thankfully short workweek.


  1. I enjoyed this post. This is the hardest part of losing weight! Dealing with temptation. Mine is a Double Double from In-n-out. I am always weighing the options of not eating it or working out much harder. Never easy!


    1. Yep. And you'll never guess what I had for lunch today!

  2. I brought home some ice cream that was left over from school staff meeting. I made myself a bowl and then walked to the outside garbage and threw it away. Love your blog.

    1. That's the way to do it! And thanks, I fixed the oatmeal pic :)


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