Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 18: The beat goes on

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I really appreciate all the thoughtful comments on yesterday's post. Really gave me a lot of good feedback and things to consider. You guys sure have a wealth of experience, knowledge and support to offer. Thank you! I plan to respond to them soon.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with brown sugar and maple syrup, hot tea

I had a lot of driving to do this morning and ended up munching most of the morning.

Snack: other half of (very large) trail mix bag

...and by "trail" mix I mean nuts, raisins and m&ms. Good food for when you're actually on a trail. Not so good when you're sitting on your rumpus in traffic.

Lunch: Veggie frittata, salad, rice, vegetable soup

I heart my City by the Bay.
Work was super busy today, felt like I was going non-stop. But it was a beautiful day and I managed to catch a gorgeous view of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge while waiting for someone.

I stayed up way too late last night and was dragging, like seriously dragging, most of today. The idea of hitting the gym inspired nothing more than dread.

Thanks goodness for Thursdays with Glenn! I dragged my tired self to the gym and started up spin class. Told myself, out loud even, just do what you can. The music got going and eventually so did I. After about 50 minutes of spin I felt awake and ready to tackle weights. I did back/biceps/PT and core exercises. Things went pretty well overall and I left feeling energized enough to get through the rest of the evening anyway.

Dinner: Refried black beans, cream, avocado, scrambled eggs, 1 flour tortilla, pico de gallo

I cleaned up the kitchen and packed the kids' lunches and somewhere along the way finished Myra's popsicle and had some chocolate.

Snack: 1 square of chocolate, 1/2 a pecan popsicle (which is somewhat more like ice cream on a stick)

The sad thing is the chocolate isn't that good. I should throw it away.

So I'm back to my more normal routine, still with some snacking and various other munchie behaviors I'd like to eliminate. But I'm confident I'm moving in that direction. And my exercise is on point, which is good. So glad I dragged myself to the gym today, it balanced out the trail mix encounter.

So why am I still counting the days to 28 days? For now it's because I am still doing some of the challenge - no caffeine, no alcohol. Oh, and I'm posting my food here. I know, it's not much, but it's still something and for now, I'll count down the days until this challenge is over, even if I'm hardly doing it. I guess it's about this not being all-or-nothing, or even most-or-nothing. I'm doing something, right? I'm on day 18 of doing something.

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  1. Hi Michelle, well done Lady your soldering on is so inspirational and I did think of you last night as I put the box of choclatey cereal back in the cupboard without eating any.

    Out of interest, what is your view on sugar/carbs? I notice that you eat quite a lot of carbs (relative to the rest I mean). I have just read 'Grain Brain' by a neuroscientist who explains that sugar/carbs trigger insulin, which is a fat storage hormone, which in turn means you store more calories from each bite. Since then this week I tried his suggestion - don't count calories, eat as many good fats as you need but lay off the carbs and as much sugar as possible. I have been scoffing nuts and avocados like anything, and I lost two pounds, without really trying. What you do clearly works really well and I am by no means trying to make suggestions to you as to how you should eat - just wondered whether you had considered the grain free thing in the past and decided against it, or whether you have any views on it at all?

    Thanks as ever for a great blog.



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