Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 2: It's 28 days, how hard could it be?!

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Your standard Atkins breakfast I'd guess.
Today is a rest day from the gym and I think my body needs it.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, a few bites of a banana.

It was filling, and tasty.

My day started off rough and went downhill from there.

Snack: Apple

I had no plan for lunch and ended up with...

Lunch: a can of split pea soup from Trader Joe's.

We're not supposed to eat processed foods on this plan. I'm guessing something in a can is "processed". But if you'd seen the list of ingredients, it was something straight out of a Michael Pollan book - all whole, all organic, not a scientific ingredient in sight. I decided it was a better choice than the packaged salads with 9-million ingredients. And it had roughly 10 grams of protein in the whole can.

The other thing was carbs, it had plenty of those. My buddy Mira pointed out that my low energy yesterday might have been due to no carbs. No fuel for the fire, so I took that to heart. Only problem with today's lunch is it had only about 150 calories. Methinks that's too little for a meal.

Snack: nada (whoops)

I picked up the kids early from pre-school since it was a rest day from the gym. We came home and I settled in for a promised game of Candyland. Marek is totally into it and it's so much fun. Myra is more into playing with the cards, which works too. I lost both games. Bummer. I had a good time hanging with the kids and getting a bit of housework done in the meantime.

And I suffered all day from heartbreak over losing my day home with them tomorrow.  I think that's why I was down all day. It's that or no refined sugars. Or I'm PMSing. Or, God help me, all three. I got back into Myra's plaintain chips, though as I recall my portion was reasonable. I'm quite sure they are not "on program" but I decided in the moment (probably not a good time to be deciding) that it was a better choice than whatever else I might eat.

Dinner: salmon on the Foreman grill, sauteed zucchini.

It wasn't easy to not snack tonight after dinner. Not easy. But I reminded myself of the purpose (or one of them anyway) behind my doing this program - to raise awareness of my eating and to break bad eating habits. What is the point of doing this program if I'm going to not work hard to break my bad habits? Asking myself that kept me in check this evening. But, like I said, not easy. And this is only Day 2.

Well, that's it from me. It's 10:08pm and I'm in bed. I plan to read a bit and then doze off to some happy dream state in which all my problems are like the bubbles kids blow, that they float for a moment or to and then pop and disappear.

PS - 141.4 on the scale this morning. I know someone asked in the comments recently (though I can't find the comment now) if I'm weighing every day. I'm not, more like several times a week. No rhyme or reason, other than wanting to stay well-informed. And another commenter, Toledo Lefty (from Perfect in our Imperfections blog), reminded me that it can be crazy-making to read too much into short-term fluctuations, look for trends over time. Great advice. Thanks for commenting folks!


  1. That breakfast looks delicious - you're making me sooo hungry lol :)

    1. Right?! It was yummy but I prefer that food on the weekends when I can enjoy it more instead of in the midst of a rushed morning.

  2. Oh boy, that is not enough food definitely! And no carbs? No, no, no...you workout Michelle!

    1. Noted. Thanks for the feedback. I added an extra egg to my scramble this morning because of this comment and will TRY to get more food into my day. It's not that I'm trying to cut back on volume, it's that I haven't been to the store and don't have enough plan-friendly foods on hand. Whole Foods is on my list for today. And the carbs, I'm trying to go the first week with no grains as the plan suggests but if I keep dragging like this I might change my mind.

  3. The best information on Clean Eating is through Tosca Reno and her books on Clean Eating. If you google her she has a website & blog. I have her Eat Clean Recharged book and the information was wonderful. She also has a new book that was just released on 12/31 that I ordered. There is. Also a Clean Eating Magazine that comes each or every other month that you can pick up at the grocery store, book store, Target, Walmart, wherever that has fantastic recipes. Clean eating does not have to be boring or hard. For an evening snack that is filling I like the Fage plain yogurt with a handful of blueberries and some almonds or a brown rice cake with a tablespoon of Almond butter and a sliced apple. With clean eating if you eat every two hours and eat the recommended foods you will see a huge difference in your skin and any stomach bloating. Trader Joes has nitrate free lunch meats that great or lunch or a snack or as an addition with your can of soup.
    Cindy, Albuquerque, NN

    1. Thanks Cindy. I think I've seen the magazine before. I have a good sense of what clean eating is, at least by my definition, and something like a Fage and fruit is exactly the kind of snack I'd normally eat. But I have to admit, having zero dairy does seem to be doing better for my GI system. Or it could be the lack of gluten, not sure which. I'll add in dairy at some point and see what happens. Thanks for reading and for the comment.

  4. I'm so glad that you're one of the people who eat clean but still eat bacon! we do too! but i hope you're getting the good "just bacon" (nitrate and nitrite free) and not that farmer john crap. bring on the bacon!


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