Sunday, February 23, 2014

A New Week

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Things continue to be a bit of the good and a bit of the blasted around here lately. I wrapped up last week with a gym visit on Friday. Because of my sore hip I did a short, easy outside run. I think it was about two miles and I know it included a big hill. At some points I could've walked faster than I was running but no matter, I was running. After the jaunt I did back/biceps/core for strength training.

Friday marked the fourth day in a row that I went to the gym. Normally I avoid going more than three days in a row but I really wanted to hit the goal of four gym visits and given that I bagged Monday, that was the only way. This weekend, sadly, included no formal exercise. I tried to get out for a run today but it didn't happen, other things took priority. Such is life sometimes.

I did keep busy though. Yesterday I took the kids to my mom's office for a lunchtime visit (she works in a tax office and they're on overdrive this time of year). Her office is crazy in that they keep giant bowls of candy in every room of the place. I had some...with a side of regret. After that I ran some errands getting things for Marek's Lego party. It's now only two weeks away!

Today was a morning trip to Bay Area Discovery Museum with my best mommy friend Michelle and her two little ones. The weekend weather was GORGEOUS here so we took advantage. When we got home I opened the windows, put on some music and did some housekeeping while baking a loaf of banana raisin bread. I felt so good, I could hear the kids playing, the sun was shining, the music...all felt right in the world.

Eventually mom stopped by for more grandma time. I could have gotten a run in then to be honest but, like I said, other priorities. We all went out to Indian food for dinner. A run would have been a nice balance to all those yummy calories. But, since I can't go on and on about my amazing run today, I'll reflect on last weekend's runs with some Garmin stats.

Check out the route of my 6 mile run last weekend.

Running along the coast is the best.

Ok, well, I'm VERY committed to getting more sleep so I'm off to dreamland now. Oh, and I'm also very committed to getting my butt moving so tomorrow I will officially kick off the exercise for the week. Night all.

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