Sunday, February 9, 2014

Monday, on The Doctors!

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Eek! I'm one of the people they're talking about here. Getting nervous!! And so excited to see all the other motivational stories! case you missed it :)

Meanwhile, back in reality, I'm down with a cold. Darnit. But still feeling pretty good. Hope to be back in action soon.


  1. Great segment Michelle! It was so nice to hear your voice! You have been an inspiration to me for years and it is just amazing how your hard work has payed off! Congratulations on your dr's appearance and the magazine article!

  2. Just gotta echo everything Kathy wrote above. Great seeing ya on the show!

  3. I watched the Doctors this morning ONLY because I popped onto your blog last week when you wrote about your upcoming magazine spread and mentioned the episode of the Doctors. I was so inspired by that episode! The weightloss that you (and everyone else) obtained and maintained was amazing. You looked absolutely fabulous. I feel like I know someone famous now.


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