Tuesday, February 4, 2014

No Shoes? No Problem.

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This post is coming to you from drowsy-land, where I currently find myself. I'd tell you this post will be short but whenever I say that, I tend to ramble. Before I forget, I took a picture of my post-run meal on Sunday and forgot to post it! That can't happen.

TJ's vegetarian chili and a fruit salad
After the rain soaked run the chili hit the spot. It sent me into a state of wanting to take a nap though, that was the only downside. Of course I didn't nap, though that would have been lovely.

Ok, on to the now. My workout schedule this week started with a bit of a thud when I couldn't exercise yesterday. I didn't feel up to it and something had to give. That means if I want to hit my goal of exercising four days during this week (plus a weekend outing), I will be exercising four days in a row, something I generally try to avoid. We'll just have to see how this plays out.

Today started out good. And then I had lunch, a vegan "power bar" at a local coffee shop where I was having tea with a client. It tasted like it was mostly peanut butter and was about the size of a brownie, but MUCH denser. It actually filled me up just fine despite its small size. Must have been packed with protein. But let me tell you, I got SO tired about 30 minutes later. It was tough keeping my eyes open the rest of the afternoon.

Then, as the day dragged on, work backed up such that I had to work late. By the time I got out of there I had about 50 minutes at the gym, which meant more like 40 to actually exercise. I got there and was hustling to change clothes when I realized...no shoes. I forgot my tennis shoes. Grrr. This hasn't happened in ages. When I pack my gym bag I always tell myself, six things, I must have six things...
  1. shirt
  2. shorts/tights
  3. sports bra
  4. socks
  5. headband
  6. SHOES
Guess I didn't do the counting thing this time. I actually keep an extra sports bra in a baggie in my gym bag in case I ever forget mine. But of course, no extra shoes. And obviously I didn't have time to go and get them. At first I thought that meant I had to bag my workout but then I took a look at the shoes I wore to work.

They are made by Birkenstock but are more like regular shoes just built around the Birkenstock footbed. I've had them forever and still really like them. Since today was a bike day I didn't actually need tennis shoes. And weight lifting didn't require them so why not? Here I am all dressed to workout but with my work shoes still on.

I know you can hardly see the shoes...

They're black and leather and flat so I don't think anyone even noticed I was wearing street shoes. They actually worked fine and I was happy with my stroke of luck that I didn't have heels or knee-high boots on today. That would not have worked. So I rode the upright bike on a hard level for 15 minutes and then did back/biceps/core. I got through most of my workout, only had to drop a few sets of core stuff to get out on time. I exercised for a total of 41 minutes and burned something like 280 calories. I'll take it.

I was glad the shoes didn't stop me because I needed my workout today. Two days in a row with no exercise would have made me grumpy. I should say grumpiER because I was plenty grumpy tonight. I don't know why, just not in the mood for any of it. I came home and made dinner. Thankfully, or maybe intuitively, the kids ate it without complaint. It was a pasta dish with tomatoes and I thought they might balk. Only one peep out of Myra and I told her what was what and she ate dinner happily.

After dinner I had a bit of housework to do and then we finally got some time for Legos on the kitchen floor. Next time I might save the housework until after they're in bed. I just don't feel like I'm seeing them enough. After they were in bed I did some meditative sweeping and laundry folding, which actually relaxed me some. I wonder if I'm PMSing? On that happy note, I'm off to bed. I have to get up extra early tomorrow to be in the city for an all-day training. 5:30am is going to come awfully early :/


  1. I get grumpy when I miss workouts too. Glad your shoes worked!

    1. Me too. When you're not in the excuses frame of mind, no excuse will stop you!

  2. I had a freakout last week when I managed to (relocate!) get to the gym, only to realize I was not properly packed: NO PANTS. I've shown up with no shirt before, and worked out in my tank-style sports bra, but NO PANTS!

    Luckily, the weather here is absolutely miserable, and has been for quite some time, and I happened to be wearing a long, thick skirt with brown fleece-lined leggings and boots. Turns out, the leggings, though totally inappropriate for running on the treadmill, worked out just fine for squats, weight machines, and rowing machine - I was saved!

    I was VERY careful to make sure my rear end was facing a wall during any bendy exercises, as I was not entirely sure the leggings weren't basically invisible when stretched. (Got home and asked my hubby to check out my butt - he said I would've been fine either way.)

    1. You made it work! That's determination right there. Great job!


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