Sunday, March 2, 2014

Time Flies

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It's Sunday already?! This weekend went by way too fast. But the better news is, I still have all the mojo I was rocking on Friday. BTW, do people still say mojo or am I out of the pop-culture loop? Just curious.

Anyway, Saturday was a lounger. I slept in a bit late, then ran some errands, mostly birthday party related, then had a lovely dinner cooked at home of steak, broccolini and roasted bell pepper. Yum! Oh, and I might have had a couple glasses of wine.

I had a small box of chocolates that a friend brought back from a trip so I had a few of those after.

Today, Sunday, involved a bit more activity, though I started the day by sleeping in and having brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. I used that as an excuse reason to have a more calorie-heavy meal than usual.

Omelet (made with leftover steak and bell peppers + cheese), home-style red potatoes, toast and an apple
That, plus a latte and a half-glass of prune juice. Prune juice? Yes, I'm getting old.

So I dawdled on going on my run and didn't get out until near dark. I planned to do 3 miles because I knew it would be too dark to go longer. In the end I went just a bit further and did 3.45 miles. And I was running. I wish I could say it was easy but my average heart rate was 165 so no, not easy, but for whatever reason I really wanted to push it.

Check out that third mile pace! 8:52, and the last half-mile was also in 8:52. No wonder I felt like I might throw up. After the run I hit the gym for legs/shoulders/core. Normally I don't go to the gym on the weekend but since I'd only done a short run it seemed like a good idea.

After the workout it was home for dinner. I had another real-life meal. With a glass of wine too.

Swordfish, potatoes with garlic and salad. After dinner I had a meyer lemon cupcake. My mom's been sending me tons of pictures of idea cakes for Marek's birthday and it made me crave cake. A cupcake is close. And then I got into the chocolates again. Wine, cupcakes, chocolate...good thing tomorrow is Monday.

Well, there you have it. Next week I might be a tad more silent than usual as I go into serious party-planning mode. We like to have big parties and are expecting about 50+ people, evenly split between kids and adults. I know, yikes!

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  1. Oh yes I agree that time does fly. That's why I get as much as I can today instead of waiting tomorrow. That steak looks so delicious and you have the perfect sides to go with it. These are good meals I can eat after I workout in the evenings so I appreciate those ideas.


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