Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All I Can Do

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I didn't end up exercising on Saturday. The cough was too much. But I did manage to make myself a yummy omelet for lunch. Avocado, tomato, cheese and mixed spring greens. With an orange on the side. And cooked in butter. Yay for whole, unprocessed foods.

So a loungy day on Saturday. But Sunday I managed to get out for a hike at Henry W. Coe State Park. The weather at the start was nice, sun breaking through the clouds from time to time, and only a light breeze.

Those pics were taken from a short side-trek I did just to get the view. It's always nice to start a hike and within the first mile get a nice view.

The route I took
The above photos were taken on that Ponderosa Trail (on the left side of the map). The rest were taken along the way.

Frog Lake
There were backpackers camping near the lake but it didn't look like a great backpacking spot. First off, too easy to get to. Second, too many passerby for my taste. If I'm going to backpack I want to be more than a couple miles from most of humanity.

A bit more than halfway through the hike the sky darkened and it began to sprinkle. Fortunately, out of an abundance of caution (I just love that phrase), I'd brought my jacket along even though it didn't really look like rain at the start. Eventually it was outright raining. I had many layers on top but only capri pants on bottom and they got soaked, my legs were cold, but I managed just fine.

The weird thing about the hike was that it seemed to be 3/4 downhill. How can that be on a loop hike? For all the downhill we did there didn't seem to be enough uphill to even things out. Anyway, the rain and mist just made the place that much prettier.

I think I hiked around 6-7 miles but I didn't have my Garmin on so I'm not sure. I was hoping to squeeze in a movie too over the weekend but that didn't happen. Then back to the grind on Monday. And I was surprisingly sore from the hike. Guess their was more climbing than I realized.

I was on the fence about the gym. Between the lingering cough and my sore legs I wasn't sure. But in the end I decided my attitude needed a workout. I could feel the tension from no gym visit in four days. I started on the upright bike and managed my normal 25 minutes on level 8 just fine. After that I did back/biceps/core.

Then home for dinner. Today was a rest day from the gym. I picked the kids up early from daycare and brought home an extra one (Marek had a playdate). They kept me busy all evening. Then I did some work leftover from the day. Since I'm going to be off work for a while recovering I have to keep up with work so I leave nothing undone while I'm gone.

Oh, last thing...I weighed myself this morning, 143.4 pounds. I'm happy with that. My body fat was 29%. So overall I'm still a bit fluffier than would be my ideal but what do I know? I know my clothes fit, I'm fit, eating pretty ok (read: not great, not horribly), exercising regularly and just doing what I can do everyday to keep it going. That's all I can do.


  1. Hey Michelle! Love the pics from the state park...oh how I wished I lived somewhere with such beautiful scenery a stone's throw away.
    I know that we walk a fine line between being gentle with ourselves and being permissive of bad habits, but it's just a matter of choosing our battles, like everything else in life. I like your "work in progress" mentality as we are never really done with this process as life is not static and we do not exist in a vacuum.
    It is all you can do, and you're doing it really well!

  2. Good attitude: do what you can each day. It can be a challenge to do right by food choices and deciding to exercise or not, so just do what you can. I am trying to get back into the swing of doing both and trying not to be too hard on myself. I think we can all be too harsh on ourselves from time to time. Keep up the positive thinking :)

    1. The grand balancing act. Sometimes I think it's the most important lesson of all.

  3. I was wondering if you continue to track pts or calories now that you are in maintenance ?

    1. I have a policy to track if I go over 145 pounds, otherwise I wing it.

  4. Love the hiking - we have trails near our house, but since we put our dog down last year, I haven't been back - I think once we get out of this stupid winter weather I'll head to the trails - thanks for the reminder - hope you are feeling better!

    1. sorry to hear about your dog. And yes, get back out there when you can, nature is so inspiring!

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