Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hard Run Thoughts

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Ahh, Sunday evening. Such a slow, leisurely time but with the dark cloud of Monday hanging in the air. I'm obviously not ready for the workweek to start. But I can't stop time, not without dying, so it's best I just stay in the moment...the Sunday evening moment.

I mentioned yesterday's run...ugh. It was only 3.5 miles but for whatever reason, I was struggling for most of the run. I was fine for about the first mile or so and then it. just. got. hard. But, of course, I kept running. I got to thinking about the different thoughts I have when I'm having a "good" hard run vs a "bad" hard run.

"Good" hard run thoughts:
You kick ass!
You're amazing!
You're working so hard, keep it up!

"Bad" hard run thoughts:
It will be over eventually.
You're not going to die.
You'll be glad you did it.

So yesterday's run was filled with the latter and all my thoughts were true. It was over eventually, I didn't die and I was glad I did it. Mostly.

Drove the convertible this weekend!
Other than that run the rest of my weekend was great, today especially. I started out the day eating a banana nut muffin from a batch I'd baked on last night. The kids love my baked yummies and I'm so glad I can make them for them instead of being afraid to have food in the house.

After breakfast I went out for a round of tennis. Yep, tennis! I played on the high school tennis team (my only attempt at athleticism in my entire childhood) but don't get confused, we sucked as a team and I barely got good just as the year was ending. But I love tennis and I've been wanting to play more. There's a local club that allows all levels of play on Saturday mornings so I might try and drop in there some time and check it out, time allowing of course. Time, always time.

After tennis I had some lunch and then went to the beach. It was HOT here today but it was nicer near the ocean. I wore a bikini and, unfortunately, did not put on enough sunscreen. My belly is burnt :o  All in all, today was a good day. My meals were a bit indulgent, especially dinner, but I know I can get back to my routine of eating tomorrow. And there's nothing like a trip to the beach to remind me why I want to get back to that routine. This body doesn't maintain itself, I have to work for it.


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