Thursday, June 19, 2014

This Girl is on Fire

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"Looks like a girl, but she's a flame..."

Yep, that's me. You know those days where you just feel like you could jump to the moon if only you had enough time? I'm feeling that way today. I feel strong, alive, positive...just damn good! And I'm rolling with it. I'll hit the gym later and then tonight I'm speaking at Get in Shape for Women about CBT for weight loss and maintenance. I plan to ride this wave of positive energy as long as it lasts!

yesterday's mid-morning snack. Fage and apple
A quick gym re-cap...yesterday I had one hour to do what I could. It was a run day but I didn't have time for my "normal" three miles so I ran a shorter 2.5 mile route with a big hill. A BIG hill. And it was HOT. High 80's. Then Alicia Keys' song, Girl on Fire came on...AND...I was running in my sports bra and shorts for the very first time. Eek! Between the heat, my outfit, my energy... I was on fire! That last half-block nearly killed me.

Re: the sports bra and shorts duo...I didn't really like it. I think it was too hot to not have clothes covering more of my skin. That, and I think having my mid-section exposed was a bit over my comfort level. I think I'll save the half-naked look for when I'm running on the beach.

Anyway, the run took me 24:50 (roughly a 10:25 pace). Back at the gym (and with my tank-top back on) I did chest/triceps/core. I couldn't quite finish my whole routine but for the hour I was exercising, I gave it my all. I left feeling invigorated, and, well, like I said, on fire!

A smile brought to you by hard work!
My eating yesterday was improved. Not great but I feel good about it anyway. Moving in the right direction. By the way, thank you for the comments I've been getting lately both here and on FB/IG/Twitter. They are really helping me to lift my boat. Love my readers!

Speaking of that, my blog is really growing, getting close to 40,000 pageviews a month. Still relatively small in the blogosphere but for me, those are some big numbers! I try not to think about that most of the time. Only makes it harder to tell you about that second bowl of Frosted Flakes at 11pm at night. I hesitate, "Wait, how many people are going to know my deepest darkest?" Ah, ignore it! My point is, thank you for reading and staying along for the journey of maintenance. I learn and get so much from you and I promise to keep it real, no matter how many people come along for the ride.


  1. I've told you before , but I gotta say it again. You are such an inspiration! I wish I had half the determination you have!

    1. What if you do? What if it's in there, untapped?

  2. :) It's ok to admit about the cornflakes. We're all human. (I just stuffed three mini chocolate chip cookies in my mouth but we don't need to talk about that.) "Progress not perfection."

  3. Found you back in April of this year, Michelle. You ARE an inspiration! And that smile in your photo... that alone makes me think, "I WANT that!" Thanks, lady. :)

    1. Thank you. And go ahead and start smiling. You're dog something, setting a goal and working toward it, that's something to smile about!

  4. Kudos to you for braving the sports bra and shorts run!
    And remember the most successful blogs as one point were in the exact same position you were and were equally excited to reach those page view numbers. Everyone starts somewhere, so don't forget to enjoy the ride =)


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