Sunday, July 6, 2014

Four on the 4th + Tons of Fun!

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Oh wow, what a weekend so far. I think I packed more into yesterday than in the rest of the week combined. The day started with my talking myself out of bed to do the annual 4th of July Firecracker Run. I've done this run the past few years so for me it's become something a 4th of July tradition I guess.

I told myself I could run easy and that I'd feel better about all the holiday eating if I started the day with this run. I met up with a few fellow runners from Marin Tri Club and my friend Jackie (who's guest blogged here before). Here we are, pre-race. That's a pretty weird face I'm making.

Vince, me, Jennifer, Nancy and Jackie
For some reason they didn't have us sing the national anthem like they usually do. So the race got underway with a little less fanfair than usual but the point is, we got our butts moving. The route starts out following where the town parade will start in a couple hours so there's people out and we get a few cheers here and there, which are nice.

I didn't have my Garmin on, only my heart rate monitor, so I couldn't give a quick glance to check my pace. Jackie and I ran together for a little while, which was nice. But the hills, ugh. I still don't understand why they route a holiday fun run up all those damn hills. At mile one I checked my time, 9:08, or somewhere around there. Holy crap, I'm running fast! I decided not to check my watch at future mile markers, it would just mess with my head.

If I were still running fast, I'd use that as a warning sign for being too tired and slow down. If I were running slow, I'd figure I might as well take it easy and run even slower. Either way, I guessed it would slow me down to look. And since this race was so short I didn't really need to worry about bonking. I remember in past years really working hard during that last 1/2 mile and this was no different.

I ran toward the finish line (which they moved and I swear the course must have been a bit over 4 miles because they moved it like a half block away) and saw the time, 39-something. Yes! Under 10-minute miles!! I was happy. My watch said 39:22, my official time was 39:26.5 for a 9:52 pace. Awe-some. I was 14/23 in my age group and 82/130 overall. Not in the top 50% in either category. Damn these local runners are fast!

Got my finisher's cup!
After the race I hustled home to get the kids ready for the parade. Our other annual tradition is walking in the parade with my local mother's club. I've been doing it since Marek was just 4 months old. I think I might have missed one year.

We're ready for the parade!
This year Marek really got into it, he was handing out candy like he was the mayor! And what's with that pose? Isn't he a little young to be "cool"??

Marek (and a buddy in the wagon), Me, my buddy Michelle (waving) and Ms Myra
After the parade we had to hustle home because we were hosting a little 4th of July shindig. Nothing fancy, just a few friends over for a little bbq and kiddie pool action. Oh my goodness, I had the most wonderful day. The kids are at an age where they played all afternoon with their buddies. A hot dog, a few chips, an assist with the swim clothes and my job was done.

I spent almost the entire remainder of the day sitting on my rumpus drinking and eating and catching up with friends. Perfection. Oh, and I wore a bikini (top anyway, I wore shorts on the bottom). I felt naked for a little while, I mean, it's not like I was at a beach. But it was hot and we had the kiddie pool out so, why not, right?

That night after the kids were in bed I started thinking about snacking. I had the old, "Well, you've already eaten a ton of calories, might as well do what you want" f-ed up line of thinking. But did I fall for that? No. "Go to bed, it's true you indulged a lot today, which is fine, it's a holiday, and if you go to bed, you'll feel fine about how much and what you ate. But if you sit up eating a bunch of crap right now, when you're not the slightest bit hungry, that you will not feel good about. And you want to wake up feeling good, because you had a great day." It worked. I went to bed.

And I was right, I woke up feeling fine about my choices. The bbq chicken, the chips, the cookies, the wine, the sugary vodka drinks, all of it. But had I sat up eating goldfish crackers or kid granola bars or whatever other crap I would've eaten, no, not good. And this morning, I got up, started my day, and posted this to my FB page.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Wait, I did say it. Ha!

So today we hung around the house, enjoying absolutely no plans. I organized toys, went through the massive pile of mail, and I logged another great day. And when Myra came up and asked me to dance, I danced. I almost went to the gym this afternoon but I decided my body probably needed rest. So I'm all ready to go on a run in the morning. Oh crap, it's already morning. It's closing in on 1am. That's what happens when you start blogging while watching a Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy, you lose track of time. Ugh, I'm off to bed. Oh, and guess what? No evening snacking tonight! Winning!!

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