Thursday, July 3, 2014

She's Got Legs

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While I was at the gym yesterday I came up with a great blog post title. Unfortunately, I can't remember it. What good is genius with a bad memory?! LOL, oh well, it will have to be whatever probably-less-genius title I come up with for today.

Yesterday's lunch (I saved the egg for a snack later)
Things continue to go well around here. I'm finally taking action with regard to my food intake issues. Why didn't I just say "eating" issues? I've been doing this too long. Aaaanyway, yesterday was Day 2 of tracking my calories and I couldn't be more pleased with how that's going.

On Tuesday, my first day of tracking, I logged 1922 calories eaten. That's my daily budget of 1424 plus the 500 calories I burned at the gym. Yesterday I logged 1757 calories eaten, leaving 152 calories on the table (no pun intended). I could have snacked a bit more but I really didn't want to.

I'm not sure how long I'll track, if history is any guide it will probably be for a relatively short amount of time. I'll stop tracking when I'm back on track, cutting out the unhelpful habits that had crept into my daily routine. Of course I don't expect perfection, never do.

Speaking of...I'm having some mom-friends over on the 4th of July for a little gathering. It's a potluck and I'll be grilling chicken. And there will be alcohol of some sort. Calorie counting should be interesting. I'm planning to do the 4-mile Firecracker run that morning so at least I'll start the day with a calorie deficit.

Oh, here's a random thing...

Yes ma'am, those are my legs. I was walking out of a client's house yesterday when I caught this reflection in a mirror she has on the floor in her entryway. Not sure why she has the mirror on the floor but seeing my legs like this really caught my attention. Why? Because they look good! Not big like I always imagine (and see) them as. They actually look like normally sized legs. I had to snap a picture (fortunately my client was in the other room). I sometimes wonder if my body-size perception will ever catch up with reality. I'm not sure, but I think moments like this help.

Quick exercise recap. And a note to The Running Nurse, Ivayla, who asked for more details on my gym workouts. My whole routine can be found on the My Current Workout page under the What I'm Up To tab at the top of my blog. It might be slightly out of date but it's very close to what I do now.

Ok, so my exercise is going really well. Yesterday I went to the gym and did 25 minutes on the upright bike, level 8, followed by back/biceps/core work. I managed to get my whole workout done, arriving to my office with a whopping two minutes to spare! I worked until 7:30pm last night and fortunately I'd had the foresight to pack an energy bar to snack on, otherwise I might have fainted.

A new little issue is surfacing with my knees. They have been a bit twingy lately and yesterday at the gym they were outright aching. I don't like that at all. So I'm thinking about skipping the gym today...maybe, or if I do go, doing things that are easy on the knees, maybe the elliptical. I think chest/triceps are up for strength training so that's not too hard on them. And I should probably start icing them. I'll tell you this, if they keep hurting I'm getting myself into physical therapy ASAP. I can't have knee issues. Cannot.

Ok, that's it from me. Hope you have a fun 4th of July!


  1. Thanks for responding. Another question (I am full of them): do you keep your weight fairly light on purpose? I promise I am not being a jerk asking this. But I am surprised at some of the weight you use. For example lunges.

    1. Because they're plenty hard for me with a 12-pound dumbbell in each hand. And I don't mind you asking at all :)

  2. Great looking legs Michelle.! Your comment on body-size perception struck a nerve. I'm always surprised when people comment on my being 'slim' or 'tiny' when I still think of myself as BIG.


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