Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sitting is Tiring

Thursday's lunch
I'm coming to you from the BlogHer's 10th anniversary conference. The food thing has gone well. Despite their serving breakfast every morning I've eaten at home because I know my Kashi GoLean and almond milk is an easy way to make a better choice. Lunches have included choices I feel good about, or at least not bad about. Thursday I had a chicken breast, a small slice of roast beef, quinoa, asparagus and cauliflower, salad and fruit salad.

Dinner was on my own. Friday's lunch was sandwiches with salad. I removed half the bread from a roast beef sandwich and had that. Today's lunch was a salad with add your own toppings of chicken breast, beef and tofu. I added a bit of all three. All in all, I was very happy with the conference food options.

Sheesh, I'm so tired I have to cut to the chase, you won't mind will you? The chase is, I finally dragged myself for a workout yesterday. 3 miles in roughly 32 minutes. It was blistering hot outside but I managed to find a creek trail that was a tad cooler. Then I got a day pass to a gym and did back/biceps/core. It was difficult because I was tired and just not in the mood. But I was happy to have gotten it done. After that, I promptly went to bed.

Why is sitting on your ass all day so exhausting? Seriously, I am never so tired as when I've sat in meetings or trainings or whatever all day. And today was Day 3 of that. So I'm not going to the big closing party. Instead, I'm eating a healthy dinner and going to bed early.


  1. Sitting is really tiring. But working out gives even more energy and motivation. I think happy life begins with regular workouts and healthy eating. These 2 elements matter so much in our life.

  2. I know what you mean. Sitting all day at work is more exhausting than if I clean the house, work in the yard, and then hit the gym - all in one day! I'm going to have to set reminders for myself at work to just get up and move every couple hours. Hope the conference was enjoyable.

  3. I wish we had sat down and chatted there. I thought the lunches Friday/Saturday were too light but definitely were healthy. The breakfast buffets had great options for those that wanted to select them.

    I did 3 mile walks two of the mornings and a lot of dancing at the closing party.


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