Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Look Who's Tracking 2

If I were a movie title, that would be it. At least for today.

If you've been following along then you know a few things. First, my life has been unusually stressful for, oh, just the past 1.5 years. Second, my weight has been creeping up over the past year, now to the low 150's. My official WW "goal weight" - for whatever that's worth, and I do think it's worth something - is 147 pounds. Finally, I have been, lately anyway, hoping/praying/fantasizing that I could pull this eating thing together in some natural/organic/free-range sort of way that would NOT involve tracking.

And now is the time to acknowledge that, for today, this week, this month...I need more than hope and nature...I need Weight Watchers. And thank goodness the company exists because at least I have somewhere to go when I need it.

Last week I looked up meetings and found one that could fit my schedule on a weekly basis. It's a lunchtime meeting and the bonus is, it's led by Sandy (and Stan is the receptionist). Sandy is a 14 year maintainer (who also happens to run the monthly Lifetimers meeting). Stan is a fellow runner. The two of them have great, supportive, we-know-what-it's-like attitudes. I walked in with zero shame, zero anything, to say I'm here, I'm over my goal weight by 6.4 pounds, 153.4 is my current weight. By the way, that weight puts me back into the overweight category according to the BMI. Can I say I was wearing jeans? At least they still fit.

All jokes aside, this is not an imaginary weight gain. I can feel it in my body, the way my clothes fit and in how I move. Mostly I feel it in my gut. Not my actual gut, but my spiritual one. Something is not right. I have ideas about the who/what/why of what's not right, but I don't need to figure that out to work on making changes.

It felt good to sit in that meeting. I bought the monthly pass and started tracking immediately. It felt good to track. It feels good to be doing something.


  1. Like you once told me, "Do one thing." I'm glad you found your One Thing again. I have faith in you, my friend.

  2. Yep. Sometimes you just have to get back to basics. I'm glad that you took the step to nip it in the bud! You've accomplished so much and you are a big inspiration for me. xoxo

  3. Dear Aspiring, Thank you for INSPIRING me! I hear you and wholeheartedly agree...if we track we stay on track. If we shed our shame and seek guidance and support we form the team that helps us succeed. Best of Luck!

  4. I agree with everything that's been shared. I'm using the WW online tools but I miss the community of going to meetings. However, I had such a bad, bad experience at my last WW meeting that I vowed not to go back. I believe in Weight Watchers and I love the way you said "it's somewhere to go when I need it." That's exactly how I feel. I know what you're feeling and I know you're doing a good thing for YOU. Thanks so much for your inspiring post!!!!!

  5. Kudos to you for getting back to what works and taking control before that 6lbs turned to 16!

    I truly feel most days that maintaining is harder than losing the weight was. It just requires so much more effort at a lower weight...the same exercises don't burn the same number of calories and then finding that "sweet spot" where you can eat just enough to stay in the zone and not gain.

  6. Thanks for this post! Your blog has really inspired me to get out there and work even harder to reach my goal. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Michelle!

    New to your blog. I'm maintaining too (now 14) months and I've struggled to drop the extra 8-10 lbs. from summer vacationing/birthday, but I'll get there! Though our methods might be a little different, the fact we are maintainers as all the 'in common' I need to know to follow your blog. I'd say good luck, but luck has NOTHING to do with this! :)


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