Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So Many Frogs (and a very brief race report)

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The title of this post comes from one my kids' books about a rabbit who lets one frog in and then ends up with a bunch of them. At first he's overwhelmed, and then he realizes the joy that can come with chaos. So that's where I'm at. Life is sometimes chaotic and I'm striving to find the joy in what is. Because believe you me, there is joy to be found.

Ok, on to the speedy update...

10/30/14: Oh the weight gain... I snapped a picture to keep things in perspective. Yes, I've gained some weight, but also yes, I'm still pretty damn fit.

10/31/14: Halloween. I was so solid on my plan to eat no Halloween candy before trick-or-treating. That night I had a few a lot of fun size candies and planned for that to be all the Halloween candy I ate. But I found, in the days after, I kept grabbing treats from the kids' loot. So, a week after Halloween I made a deal with them to sell their candy in exchange for a toy. I remember last year I ended up doing the same thing. It felt so good to get all those sweets out of the house.

11/2/14: So running a half-marathon might have fueled some of my candy-related choices... You probably know my training for this race never really got going and I considered flaking on the run altogether. But then I remembered that 1, I like running, 2, I paid $75 for this and 3, I really liked the medal. Besides, if I pace myself I'll probably be fine but if not, I can always walk.

And I did walk a bit, the long hill leading us back up and over the Golden Gate Bridge, and I walked for a bit on the last hill before I realized I actually had enough in me to run. My first ever half-marathon time (2012) was 2:44:58 and while I was running this race I thought it might be nice to at least go faster than that. So 2:38:34 was my clock time, that did the trick by 6 minutes or so.

Isn't that fun?! After the race Jackie, Deb and I met up for a yummy brunch and plenty of girl talk. Fun! But apparently we were too busy to take a group pic for the blog.

Ok...I have to wrap this up. I've been working really hard on getting enough sleep. I mean, really, truly making it important. So it's 7 minutes until my must-be-in-bed time of 11pm. 10pm is what I aim for and sometimes I even beat that.

I'm going to my fourth WW meeting (this go 'round) tomorrow. Although the scale doesn't tell the whole story here's the story it's telling:

Start: 153.4
Week 1: 152.2 (-1.2)
Week 2: 152.8 (+.6)

So I'm averaging what, half-pound a week? I'll take it. I've been tracking, mostly, but more than that, I've been very focused in my mind on what I want. And tightening up on the small things (like salad dressing and the bread basket) as well as big things (like before bed snacking and alcohol).

As far as my lungs are concerned, still dealing with what seems like a chronic problem. Went to the doctor today, mild bronchitis, she changed my inhaler, added some other stuff...we're trying to find the best way. I'm finally caving to the Singulair, at least for now. I'm tired of dealing with this.

But...even with all that, I've been killing it in the gym. I'm on such a roll. And I plan to keep right on rolling!

10:59pm...night all.

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