Friday, March 13, 2015

The Good and the Not-So-Good

Ahhh, Friday. I have a love/hate thing going with Fridays actually. I love it because it's the end of the week but dammit, I'm tired come Friday evening. I just want it to be over. Anyway, the second half of the week has been a bit bumpy.

March is National Social Work Month and we had a potluck at work on Thursday to celebrate. Around 40 people attended and let me tell you, social workers know good food. I was on my way to the gathering when I realized I was starving. If I hit the buffet like that, bad things could happen. So I stopped at Walgreen's and picked up the best thing I could find. The Chobani was 3 Points and the large Fuji apple was 0.

I still ate at the buffet line, and indulged in a a fried chicken wing and a couple bites of a dessert but the rest of my food choices were good ones...I was in SO much better control having had the snack. I skipped the flan, passed on the See's Chocolate, etc, without much difficulty.

Thursday evening was a different story...I had an emotionally prickly evening and I handled it by eating two bowls of chips and a whole square of graham cracker cookies (not one sheet, the whole shrink-wrapped square, which has nine sheets in it). Oh, and a large Peppermint Patty. Not a shining moment.

While I was, ahem, indulging, I had the (sabotaging) thought, "Well, you were doing great but now you've messed it all up." And I even thought I should just stop tracking. Fortunately I came to my senses and tracked it all. It wasn't good - the snack overload wiped out my Weekly Points (painful to have them gone the 2nd day into my WW week) but fortunately left all 17 of the Activity Points I'd earned (12 of which were from my 6 mile run on Wednesday). Tracking helped.

So I went to bed reminding myself that the sun would come up to a new day and I could view this as a blip and move on. That's what I did. Today was great eating-wise. I had my normal breakfast, lunch was challenging as I was swamped at work and was starving at 2pm. So I stopped in a cafe and they had Heart Thrive bars, I had a small FF latte and one heart from the package (4 points for the heart, 2 for the coffee). That was very satisfying actually.

The work-week ended on a sour note when I had to deal with something stressful just as my Friday was wrapping up. I could have used that as an excuse to skip the gym, but didn't. I ran a quick 27 minute big-ass-hill loop around my gym and then did legs/shoulders/core. My second week of being back at the gym and I'm stronger already.

Then I picked up the kids and headed to Costco. Marek's 6th birthday party is tomorrow and we needed party snacks. Myra was playing with my phone and took two pics of me. I was in a goofy post-workout mood, hence the smile. The second is Marek and I checking out the cake options. I'll pick up a cake tomorrow, and might get it there.

I resisted the food court and came home and had a PJ's Organics Skinny Burrito for dinner. For 8 Points I could make a much better, bigger and more satisfying meal but I was eating and giving baths, putting away groceries, etc, so that's the best choice under the circumstances. I had some apple, an orange and some carrots with eggplant hummus (Trader Joes) later. I could definitely eat more at this point but it's after 10:30 and I'm better off just getting some sleep. Big day tomorrow! Sleep will help me resist birthday cake, I just know it.

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  1. you rock!! that's all I can say!! this post is SUPER amazing, and I REALLY needed it today.. Thank you again SO MUCH for sharing your life with us.. the strange public, it's seeing posts like this (of your REAL DAILY LIFE/LIVING) that keeps me going, im NOT alone, Im NOT the only one that "LIVES A REAL LIFE" with challenges, obstacles, etc and doesn't ALWAYS replicate the PERFECT choices etc.. just THANK YOU!!!!


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