Saturday, May 2, 2015

Oh My Back

My back flared up again. In the past I had a pretty good idea what caused it but this time I wasn't certain. In my last blog post I wrote about going on a 6 mile trail run/hike. I went to the gym for the next three days in a row and I remembered working out pretty hard. I felt really strong and good. That and I was dealing with stress that I was taking out on the dumbbells.

Anyway, the pain grew to the point at which I had to stop exercising altogether for a couple weeks. Eventually I was able to get back to doing something light on the weekends, I took a 10 mile cruise around town on my bike. The next weekend I went on a 3 mile easy run. I've since done a couple gym sessions but sort of here-and-there, not trying to get back to a routine just yet. Oh, and I went on a mountain bike ride last weekend, the Shoreline Trail at China Camp State Park. I'm WAY out of mountain bike practice.

So my back is not 100%, maybe 75%, and I'm still treating it with TLC. While my mind is looking forward to getting back to something regular, my body isn't ready for that just yet.

On the food front, things continue to go pretty well. I'm still attending WW meetings every week for a reminder, for inspiration and motivation. I haven't been tracking lately, my weight is back in my official WW "goal" window (145-149) but just barely. All in all, I'm quite happy with how things are going in this department. It feels as though I'm starting to get a more intuitive relationship with food, the foundation of that being I have a radical knowledge that I can eat whatever I want, and however much I want. All the choices are mine and mine alone.

Enough on that...the final thing happening is, I have a cold. Wah! Sniffles, blocked up nose, hyped up on cold meds. At least it's coinciding with this back pain thing so I'm not getting sidelined by it. My hope is that about the time the cold goes away, maybe my back will be ready for more regular exercise.


  1. i hate when back problems flare up. i hope it feels 100% soon and that you can get back to your routine sooner rather than later

  2. I hope your back gets back to normal quickly. How long did it take you to get to "maintenance"? I admire what you have accomplished. I am on the way down but want to get to your current weight and have a way to go. Currently I am seem to have stalled so need to get "kick started" again!! More exercise I guess as I have cut sugar and carbs way back.

    1. Thanks Carol. It took me years...5+ years. But I had two babies during my "loss" phase so that's part of the story. Stalling is normal, hang in there, your motivation will come back, it always does.


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