Sunday, May 31, 2015

On the Road

Ok, I'm going to split this into two posts. First, a quick catch up since my last post, and then I'll do a Kauai post.

Going back two weeks already!...I went on the big road ride I was planning with a fellow road-cycler. We started near San Geronimo golf course in West Marin and rode out to Point Reyes. We hung out there for a bit and I ended up getting cartwheel lessons from a little girl. I could not do a cartwheel to save my life but the little girl was generous in trying to teach me and I felt like a rock star for trying. After a while we hit the road back. I got a side stitch during the return ride, which was annoying, but I made it. Here are a couple pics from that ride, which turned out to be about 28 miles.

My snack during our Point Reyes break

Suffering a bit from the side stitch but managing a smile
After the ride we went to Lagunitas Brewery for a beer. There was a band playing on the patio so I enjoyed a couple IPAs while listening.

What a spot, if you're ever in the area and love beer, this is a must see. So that was my Sunday. The following weekend was the Memorial Day holiday so I packed up the kids and drove to Palmdale to visit one of my dearest girlfriend and her husband and daughter. It's been WAY too long since we've had a visit (Marek was a baby).

We all had the best time, catching up, hanging out, and just generally enjoying the splendid company. I'm so grateful to have great friends. Here are some pics from that trip.

On the drive south.

All 6 of us heading out to go bowling

My girl Kelly!

And her beautiful family.
Bowling fun...

And it's a strike!
We all had so much fun. The kids spent time in their pool and Kelly and I managed to sneak away for a girls' lunch.

My we shared two desserts.
I had a grilled fish taco (had them hold the cilantro aioli (another word for mayonnaise)) and a couple martinis, my new favorite drink. I should probably post more pics of my routine meals, lest you get the idea all I do is splurge and somehow manage to maintain my weight. Speaking of which, I went to my WW meeting after that weekend and, as you can imagine, I was up by a couple pounds. Probably still am but I'll deal with that when I get home.

Oh, also during the trip to see Kelly I got out for a run. I planned to run three miles but things were feeling so good, I did five. I can't tell you how good it felt to run after all the driving, eating, drinking and whatnot.

Post-run selfie. I'm alive!
My workouts are all out of whack with all these trips I'm doing, and it won't change for a couple more weeks as there's more on the horizon. Anyway, I weighed myself this morning on my girlfriend's WW scale and I was 146.8 so that's reasonable. I'll work on those couple extra pounds before too long.

Ok, that's it for this post, I'm off to write a quick Kauai post and then we'll be all caught up.

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