Saturday, May 16, 2015

Running, Eating and an MRI?

This past week has been, if I'm straight with myself, pretty good. I'm tempted to say it's been just okay, but I know better than that. Eating has been fair, but I'll start with what's really showing some improvement, which is exercise. Despite continued intermittent back issues (discomfort that rarely, but sometimes, rises to actual pain), I made it to the gym several times this week.

I started Tuesday's gym visit with an outdoor run. Lately, the weather has been perfect for running, mild temps with a slight breeze. I ran 3 miles, including Palmer hill, in a 10:16 pace.
Palmer Hill gym run
After the run I did an abbreviated chest and triceps workout. My back is still on the sore side, and in recent weeks (or months) I haven't lifted weights with any regularity so I need to go easy.

Friday's lunch, curry shrimp burrito from high-tech burrito
On Wednesday I rode the upright bike for 25 minutes at level 8, which involved pushing myself here-and-there. I followed that with back and biceps. I got a tip from a fellow gym-goer to not do core exercises on back day, he said you can't work both because one needs to support the other. That made sense to me so from now on, no core on back days. Though I'm not really doing core stuff right now at all while I let my back heal.

Yesterday, Friday, was another run. Again I ran the Palmer loop, adding a bit to close out a 3-mile run. But this time my last mile was warp speed!  I looked down at my Garmin as I was nearly done and saw I was running in the 8:30's - holy cow! So I kept it up and ran the third mile in 8:39. I don't know what to say about that. Except that I love the 3-mile distance.

After the run I did a bit of legs/shoulders for strength training. But my back was getting increasingly uncomfortable so I stopped. I'm actually thinking of getting an MRI. I've polled anyone who will talk to me and most people with back issues think it's good to know, if you can, what's causing it. Different origins (compressed disc vs muscle issues) are handled differently. So we'll see.

Eating has been pretty ok. A tad more indulgence than I think is ideal but life is good, and I'm not gaining, so I'm good with it. For now. My weight at Wednesday's WW meeting was an even 145. If you look at my weight since returning to WW on 3/4/15 I've lost a total of 8.2 pounds, an average of .8 pounds per week. Wow, I need to give myself more credit for getting back on track.

WW statistics for the last 11 weeks.
I've stopped tracking but I'm shooting for no more than two indulgent meals per week, and focusing on reasonable meals the rest of the time. Today for example, I had an In-n-Out burger (ketchup/mustard instead of "special" sauce) for lunch with the kids. I ate some fries (we all share one order) but not many. To me that's a reasonable meal.

@ Insalata's
But some other meals... and wine... This salmon was Friday nights' dinner. Note the empty pita dipping bowls. At least I had the lemon butter sauce on the side (and hardly touched it).

That was my second glass of wine, if I'm totally honest, which, why not, right? Oh, plus I had dessert. I'd had an equally, if not more, indulgent meal on Wednesday evening. Ribs, wine...and dessert. Ok, fine, two indulgent meals. 

I'm grateful though, that I can eat like this and maintain my body at a comfortable weight. Today I went a bit overboard at a friend's housewarming party, having a couple glasses of wine and a bunch of snack food (plus ice cream). I'd already had my two indulgent meals for the week buuuuutttt...

...tomorrow I'll be on the bike for a long road ride so I used that as an excuse I plan to burn some of it off. I'm not entirely sure how many miles I'll be cycling, I just know it will be more substantial than anything I've done all year.

Ok, I did something I haven't been doing lately, I took a mirror selfie of my outfit. I felt really good getting dressed today. I wore this very summery white skirt, a pale pink t-shirt and a denim jacket. It would have looked cuter with heeled sandals but since I was corralling kids today, flats were in order. Anyway, the point is, I felt good. And I reminded myself that feeling good about my body, about myself, reinforces why this is so important, central really, to my life. I'll close with my selfie.


  1. hi, great post , thank you for the information and keep going

  2. as always, you look fantastic! i look forward to hearing about your cycle ride! and also, i agree that an MRI would be a good idea to get to the bottom of your back pain/discomfort. i hope it's nothing, tho.

  3. It is really great to see how you're finding balance in your life!

  4. It's really great to see the balance in your eating. I am just starting my journey, but I don't want to live in a world without ice cream (sometimes, of course).

  5. It sounds like you're doing really well. You enjoyed some good food, got some good exercise, AND you took a mirror selfie! I love that skirt, btw! Even though I've yet to get to a maintenance phase, from what I've gathered from readings lots of maintenance blogs, it seems the key is balance--and I gotta say, it looks like you definitely achieved a nice balance last week.

    1. Thank you Christina! And keep moving forward toward maintenance. It's not a straight line but a jagged, bumpy one. You get there eventually as long as you stay committed.

  6. You look great! What a cute outfit. What I love about WW is that it's ok to eat indulgent meals as long as they're balanced out with healthier ones- you're doing awesome! I miss going for long bike rides- we need to get a carrier for baby girl.

  7. Exellent post,I loved to read it


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