Friday, July 17, 2015

R-U-N vs K-F-C

What day is this? Oh, Friday! Bam! I love Fridays, especially one with nice weather. I had plans to take the kids camping this weekend but I had something come up that prevents it. No matter, we'll find some good stuff to do. I'm thinking a beach outing is in order.

The last couple days have been fair - a mix of good, kinda ok, and yeah whatever. Wednesday evening I worked until 6:30 and then took myself to a support group meeting. By "support group" I'm referring to a 12-step type of group. I don't have addiction issues myself but I've had them in my family for decades and so I'm finding the support, and the insight that comes from hearing others with similar issues, helpful.

So I went to that and by the time it got out, it was 8:15 and I was hungry. I considered going to the gym, which closes at 9pm. If I went, I'd have maybe a half-hour to exercise. But I was thinking of having KFC. Hmm, run or fried chicken? I knew what the "right" answer was, but I wasn't sure I wanted to go that route. So in the end, I thought, "my brain isn't thinking too straight right now, so I'm going to let my body take over" and allowed my arms and legs to drive my car to the gym.

I didn't even realize I'd had that thought process until just now, in writing about it. It's an interesting concept, letting my body take over when my brain isn't doing so hot. Anyway, I went to the gym, changed and in the end I got to run on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. Good stuff! And then guess what I did? Drove myself to KFC and got some chicken. Yeah, well, does it have to be one or the other? I think in this case both was better.

So I had chicken for dinner. I probably needed a piece or two to be satisfied, but instead I had two pieces plus three wings. That's my "yeah whatever" from above. Moving on. Because moving on is sometimes the best thing I can do for myself. And besides, the choice was not a disaster, I didn't have that plus an Oreo shake from JitB.

Ceviche tostada
Still, I got up yesterday morning and mentally set an intention to make goal-oriented food choices. I got on the scale, 145 pounds. Keep it up, Michelle. The day went just fine, I had my normal breakfast, a mid-morning snack of a rice cake with laughing cow cheese wedge, lunch was a ceviche tostada (with more than a few bites of my fellow luncher's nachos), and for dinner...I'll get to that in a moment.

So I wrapped up work and was trying to decide what to do with myself. Not having the kids and not having plans is still a somewhat new experience for me - as you know, I like to keep busy. Anyway, I decided to ride my bike to the gym. I haven't been on my bike since the last time I blogged about riding and remember saying then that I hadn't been on my bike in ages.

I got my bike down, dusted off the cobwebs, ate an energy gel, and hit the road. The 2.5 mile ride to the gym was fine, including riding up a little hill. On the way I made the decision to ride my bike to a group meeting afterward, so I only had 20 or so minutes to exercise. I got there, did some pushups, triceps stuff, some lunges (ouch!) and a couple other things before packing up to ride to the meeting.

The meeting was great, I always hear such helpful things and if something is not helpful, I leave it, "take what you need and leave the rest." I usually walk out with an inner sense of calm, which is mostly what I'm after. I don't know if I'll get more involved, "work the steps," etc as I'm still really new. They say to attend six groups before deciding and this was only my fifth.

After the meeting I was starving! So I rode to a shopping center near my house to check out their Off the Grid food truck offerings. I wanted something healthy, given the fried chicken from the night before. In the end, I couldn't find anything I wanted so I rode to a Japanese restaurant and had a sushi roll (tuna and avocado) followed by a bowl of soba noodles with chicken. Yum!

I was stuffed and it was dark so I made the short ride home. I probably rode 10 miles altogether, which felt good. I should be riding everywhere when I don't need the car. Ok, that's it from me. I'm still not sure what I'll do with the kiddoes this weekend but adventure is on the horizon. Adventure, some whining, probably a tired-mama come Sunday evening. At least I know I have the energy to manage it all...Bring it on!

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  1. I meant to post this on your Eugene post, but maybe you should do another tri? It's been a little while, maybe it's time?


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