Friday, January 22, 2016

Even When It's Hard, It's Easy* *when motivated

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I blogged just yesterday but it feels like so much has happened since then. Where to start? How about with the Fitbit? The community aspect is fun. Some of you became my Fitbit friends, and I see your step numbers and I've been invited to some step challenges. It's inspiring to see other people out hitting their goals and stuff.

I now have two nights of sleep data. Turns out, I sleep pretty well, 94% sleep efficiency. I have no idea what that means but 94% sounds good, right? Here's last night. I think this will might motivate me to get at least 7 hours sleep per night, if not more.

I hit the 10,000 step goal pretty easily, but only because of my runs. It will be interesting to compare non-run days. And days with the kids vs alone. I'm sure I take a lot more steps when I'm with my babes. Anyway, here's my step info for yesterday and today.

Ok, let's move on from all that, to exercise. Yesterday I went to the gym after work. My gym has been sold to some new owners, a couple of guys that own another gym in a nearby town. It turns out the trainer I saw back in 2012, Bridgett, works for them. I loved her, she really listened to what I wanted, unlike most all other trainers I've met with, who give you what they think is best. I might have to meet with her again. And this time I'll get a picture, she has the most amazingly fit body. 

Anyway, I changed and hit the road for an outdoor run. It was chilly and a tad drizzly so I wore my running jacket. Here are my stats.

10:38 pace, bam! After the run I went into the gym and did back/biceps. I can't tell you how good I felt. I mean, really good! I am so happy to be at this again. Which begs the question...why, oh why, is it so hard sometimes? Motivation is like the magic elixir that  makes it all so easy. With motivation, even when it's hard, it's easy. Thing is, motivation comes and goes. Oh well, I'm not going to whine, not when I feel so good.

My pre-workout happiness
I went for an outdoor run today as well. My only option this weekend will be the treadmill so I figured I should take advantage. It was again wet, even more drizzly than yesterday, and chilly. But I loved it. I ran 3.2 miles in my 'hood.

A little slower than yesterday, but today included a couple hills so I'll attribute it to that. Plus I just ran yesterday. I think this is my first two-days-in-a-row running since my current comeback. Oh, and Garmin is no longer rating my Training Effect as "overreaching." What is Training Effect you ask?

What is Training Effect?

Have you ever wondered what good your workout is doing? Training Effect measures the impact of exercise on your aerobic fitness. Using your heart rate, Training Effect tells you if the exercise you do is maintaining your current fitness level or improving it. With that information, you can vary your intensity to achieve your goals.
Training Effect is for all aerobic sports, all equipment and all healthy individuals.
Training Effect Scale
5.0 – Overreaching
4.0 – Highly Improving
3.0 – Improving
2.0 – Maintaining
1.0 – Minor
I was getting a 5 rating my first few runs. Yesterday and today's runs were rated a 3.7 and 3.6, respectively. That puts me between Improving and Highly Improving. Sounds good to me! I thought about doing weights after the run today but my legs were feeling sore and my left hamstring felt twingy, best not to push it.

Ok, now on to eating. I'm happy to report things have been pretty damn good. I'll share some meal pics...

Open faced salmon sandwich w/ chicken & cabbage soup
PJ's light chicken & bean burrito (8sp) with a pile of pico de gallo
The salmon was a restaurant lunch yesterday, the burrito was today. Last night's dinner was homemade mac-n-cheese I made for the kids, 12sp. I've been tracking for the past couple days and feel good about all my choices. I am a bit peeved that my AccelGel is now 4 Points, because of all the sugar, but oh well, I'm not going to fight it, it's my choice to do this. Anyway, just like the exercise, my current burst of motivation is making it easier for me to make goal-oriented choices. Still not perfect, I won't hold my breath waiting for that. In fact I have no need for perfection. I can do this imperfectly and still be a success. Isn't that great news?

Ok, well that's all from me. I have some fun weekend plans on the agenda. If I have time I'll post this weekend. I hope you have some fun plans too. If not, make some!


  1. YAY! i love that you're loving this! it really is so amazing when you know you're working hard but it feels easy and you're having a great time too!

  2. It looks like you are totally on target! Awesome job!


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