Saturday, January 2, 2016

On The Go

I think this is a first, blogging from my phone. I know, it's 2016 and people do everything from their phones but I usually use an actual computer.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the WW video. I sure enjoyed making it, such a treat. I hope it inspires someone who thinks they can't do it to think, maybe, just maybe and they take a chance on themselves.

Coming back to now, new year's has been great. On new year's eve we had a kid-themed party with friends at which we celebrated the New York ball drop at 9pm (California time) via CNN. Then the grownups hit the town for a night of dancing and revelry. A total blast.

On Friday we drove up to Tahoe for the weekend. The kids start back to school on Monday so it's been our last holiday hurrah. We've played in the snow, drank hot cocoa and played games. I feel very fortunate to have all this fun with them.

Eating and drinking remain a bit unbalanced but I'm focusing more than I was. Baby steps. Love, patience, kindness and tenderness. Follow my motivation, remember the why... That is the path. And never give up, above all else, never give up.

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  1. i loved your video! i'm also trying to refocus myself right now. i had a huge regain in december and i'm bound and determined to not let it get me down, except in that i want to relose that 12 pound regain by the time i go for my physical readiness testing for work at the end of february! so glad you had a great new year's filled with love and celebration!


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