Thursday, January 21, 2016

The YOU you!

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I'm feeling good about the day ahead, probably because I have a plan for my eating (well, a loose plan, anyway) and exercise. And a bit of fun in that last night I finally got out the Fitbit that was gifted to me and activated it. I'm not sure I'm a natural "wearable" type in that I don't like having something that I have to keep charged up. But this only needs charging every 5 days so hopefully I can handle that.

My Fitbit Flex
I had my first night of wearing it for sleep. It said I woke up once (when my daughter came in and I had to get her water) and that I was restless 16 times. A quick Google session and that seems pretty average. My sleep efficiency was 93%, which sounds pretty good to me.

So today will be my first full day with step-counting. I'm not going to do anything special to increase my steps, I'm sort of curious how many I get as-is. I have to admit, I could see myself getting a little competitive with my friends. Speaking of, if you want to be my Fitbit friend you can find me at at Some of you have already joined me...Hi new Fitbit friends!

I synced it with the WW app so it will give me FitPoints without my having to enter them. I like that, I think. I'm worried seeing FitPoints wrack up for just my everyday activity (ie, non "exercise" movement, which I normally wouldn't count) tempts me to eat more. In general I'm not sure I'll be having a long-term relationship with the Fitbit but I'm definitely going to give it a try.

Moving on to WW...I made it to my meeting yesterday. I was happy to see it packed full of people, which is predictable in January. I sure hope they all stick around. Anyway, my weight was 153.2 pounds. That's down 2.8 pounds from my last weigh-in (12/30) of 156 pounds. As you can see from my WW weight log, I've been doing a bit of bouncing around in the low-to-mid 150's. I'm ready for that to change. I feel very motivated to get back to my WW goal weight of 147 (which will mean 145 on my home scale in the morning).
So, 6.2 pounds to go. As I've said before, although I have a number goal in mind, I know that's not the real goal. The real goal is to get my eating and exercise behaviors back to a more comfortable place. The weight loss is a natural result of that. Putting the number before the behaviors is like putting the cart before the horse - which never works. But, anyway, down 2.8 pounds. I know that didn't happen by accident, so YAY ME!!!

So, I packed snacks for today (an apple and 6oz of Fage (2 smart points), which I already ate, and a string cheese (Sargento light, 1 smart point, and an orange) for later. I know I'll be eating a healthy lunch, though I'm not sure what that is yet, and I plan to go to the gym after work. Done, done and done. 

As has been the case lately (and by lately I mean, oh, the past year or so), the evening tends to be my biggest challenge. Last night I had a Morningstar Chipotle black bean burger over arugula (LOVE arugula!) for dinner (3sp). And then several of the kids' chicken wings (6sp), followed by some of their TJs potato fries, oven baked (4sp), and still later, a small bowl of honey nut cheerios with almond milk (5sp). That put me at 39 sp for the day. WW is currently giving me 30. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

And yet, I feel positive about today. Each day is a fresh start, a new opportunity to make choices that feel good. What's done is done, the only thing I can do is learn, pick up, move on. I have a good plan for today, and fun, active plans this coming weekend. Besides, what I ate last night was not disastrous. Sure, I went over the Smart Points, but that's always going to happen at times.

So, once again, welcome to my new readers. I hope you stick around past the resolution phase and make this the year you find a new way to a new you! Sheesh, I'm getting all slogan-y on myself. Not a new you, because you'll still be you, thank goodness, but a you that you feel better about, that matches how you want to feel, and that basically rocks your world! The YOU you :)


  1. I can't wait to hear your take on the fitbit as you use it more. I have been going back and forth with getting one and just can't decide!


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