Saturday, February 6, 2016

Guarding the Mojo

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Ok, it's after 1pm and I'm still on the couch. It's a beautiful outside and I'm burning daylight, so this has to be quick.

First off, I'm SO on a roll. The small things I've done to keep my mojo going are working, and I'm so glad. My back hurt yesterday morning so I had to take the day off. BUT, I didn't sit around eating. I had my normal breakfast. For lunch I had a sandwich with two slices of Alvarado Street Bakery flax bread (3pts), 1oz of salami (3pts), 2tbsp of horseradish mustard (1pt), lettuce (0) and an orange (0).

By late afternoon my back felt better and I made it to the gym...which means I ran three times last week! Go me!!!!

I ran three miles outside, including Palmer hill. That hill is brutal, but I made it up. Then I went in to do chest/triceps/core. I then had to hustle home and get ready for a girl's night with my super awesome mom friends. 

My buddy Lauren hosted and made a lovely dinner of a pasta with a cream/chicken sauce, garlic bread and a kale salad (with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds). She also served wine. She was nice enough to let me fiddle with the meal to make it work for me. I had the salad with no dressing, and cut up some of fruit she had on the counter. A few pieces of chicken and vodka with flavored pelegrino instead of wine...I felt great about my choices. I had one bite of the chocolate cake dessert. 

When you're coming out of a rough patch, and re-building momentum, all the small things matter even more than normal. I feel like I'm having to actively guard my mojo, shelter it from the wind, to keep the small fire going, to nurture it back into a roaring blaze. I can feel it building, and it feels good. 

Anyway, had a lot of laughs catching up with the girls. We've all been friends since our first babies were babies. This really is an awesome, warm, authentic, fabulous group of women and I am SO LUCKY to know them. Also, my buddy Michelle is really getting into weight training and is rocking some serious biceps! So inspiring, go Michelle!!

Jackie, Alison, Erica, moi, Lauren, Michelle, Christy, Suzanne, Laura and Laurie
Just after the get-together I hit the road for snow country. M and I had/have weekend plans to ski, snowshoe, etc. My dinner at Lauren's was light and a couple hours later I was hungry. M hadn't had dinner so we stopped at a Chevy's because it was open. I had three tortilla chips and then pushed them out of reach. I was this:close to ordering a chicken wings appetizer but in the end, made a better choice...a grilled shrimp fajita salad (veggies, avocado) with no dressing. Very satisfying.  

We finally got here around 2am, slept in, and had a lazy morning. I ate my normal breakfast, then an 11 point fruit/nut mix thing (oops! shoulda looked up the points first), and for lunch I made an egg white scramble with tomatoes and cheddar and pan fried potatoes with garlic and rosemary. Sheesh, cheese is a lot of points these days! No matter, tracking it all.

Speaking of tracking, I found the WW connect thing on the app. Not sure how much I'll use it but if you're on it, I'm mikala_sf if you want to connect. Thanks Eva for pointing it out to me. Didn't even know it was there.

Ok, I'm done. Out to enjoy the day!!


  1. Just followed you on Connect.

  2. i'm really thinking of going back to WW, but i definitely want to be able to go to in-person meetings if i do. i'll probably go talk to the people at the nearby WW office this month.

  3. Absolutely healthy and mouthwatering sandwich. Full of green and healthy bread.

  4. Really full of green and healthy bread!! I really like the idea very much. Thank you.


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